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Strider Forms
Larvicide Treatment, Dip Counts, Trap Monitoring
Active Map Triggers
Trap Visit Trigger
Public Forms
Mosquito Service Request [Plus Level]
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Integrate your pest management program with AgTerra’s Mosquito Control tool set. MapItFast’s mobile mapping power and Strider’s electronic forms and reporting combine to help you manage trap monitoring, service requests, larvicide treatments and more.

This package consists of a number of forms, reports and map trigger systems provide you with all the tools you need to eliminate the nuisance in maintaining records of your vector management protocol.

From surveillance to intervention to public accountability, MapItFast and Strider are your answer to stamping out the pests.


The Mosquito Control Package helps you streamline your efforts in tracking locations of potential mosquito problems with a Trap Monitoring form. This form can be attached to any object on your map to signify the location of a mosquito trap. The form records the site name, the date of the most recent visit, how many times the trap has been visited and other details about the trap.

To help you visualize the status of all your traps at a glance, the Trap Monitoring form comes with an associated Trap Visit Count trigger that changes the icon display for the trap to indicate the number of visits made to the trap.

The Dip Counts form is a simple way to record the results of dip counts while in the field. Use the counter field to tick off each specimen in your count. You record this field data once, and it is instantly available for analysis in the office.


You can also track the interventions you make to control mosquito populations with MapItFast and Strider. The Larvicide Treatment form contains all the fields needed to record larvicide applications.

The first page allows you to register information about the site and conditions under which the application is taking place. The second page records information about the products and amounts applied. The Products select list can be customized to list just the chemicals you apply.

Public Accountability

Mosquito control organizations have to balance successful management of the pests with accountability to the public for the interventions they take. The new Public Forms feature for Strider allows you to receive input from the community and integrate it directly into your Strider database.

The Mosquito Service Request [Plus Level] public form allows community members to submit requests to you in up to four categories: Nuisance Reports, No-Spray Requests, Mosquito Fish Requests, and Dead Animal Reports. You can configure which request types are relevant for your organization.

When a submission is received, a map pin will be automatically created in MapItFast at the location of the request, and the request form will be attached. This allows you to easily track where requests are coming from and connect your responses to them.

The service request form also has an associated report that is automatically emailed both to you and the requester as a confirmation that their request was received. Strider Public Forms expand your data collection network and further streamline your efforts in controlling the pests!

  The Mosquito Service Request [Plus Level] form requires the Strider Public Forms Plus addon or higher. To learn more about Public Forms and pricing plans, visit the Public Forms dashboard from your Strider account.