Strider forms are a great way to simplify collection of business-critical information from the field and tie it directly to your maps. But collecting the data is only part of the puzzle for natural resources professionals. Just as crucial is the ability to distribute the data for internal analysis and third-party reporting.

Strider’s drag-n-drop Report Builder allows you to create custom, printable reports for your forms that include logos, maps, images, tables, colors, signatures and more. You simply design the report the way you want it to look, and Strider generates it automatically for each submission of the form. 

Your customers demand accountability. With Strider forms and reports, you can provide them with instant, professional reports without spending hours translating and formatting your data! 

Best of all Strider Reports are included with your MapItFast Professional account! Read on for some tips on how to get the most out of your data collection and reporting efforts with Strider.

Get Started with Pre-Built Forms and Reports

AgTerra’s data collection experts have compiled a variety of pre-built forms targeting the operational needs of a number of different industries.

Many of these form packages include associated reports, so you can start collecting data and generating reports instantly. Use these reports out-of-the-box, or modify them to meet your exact needs using Strider’s Report Builder.

Find a form and report package at the mapHIVE >

Master the Report Building Basics

With Strider’s drag-n-drop report builder, you can design custom PDF reports to display your form data any way you choose. The Report Building chapter at the AgTerra Academy provides an extensive guide to building your first report, as well as tips and hints for adding specialty design features.

For more visual learners, the Strider Basics webinar includes a video demonstration of using the WYSIWYG report editor to create a simple report.

Read the Report Building Guide | Watch the Strider Basics Webinar > 

*Videos and documentation at the AgTerra Academy are reserved for registered AgTerra account holders. If you don’t yet have an account, contact us to learn more.

Submission Confirmation for Public Forms

Strider’s auto-generated reports can be sent to any email address instantly. Simply configure your form to include an email address field, and your report will be sent out as soon as the form is submitted.

Strider’s auto-email function is a great way to create confirmation reports for public forms. Embed a Strider form on your website to receive submissions from your community. You get data securely input into your database, and they get an instant confirmation of their submission.

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