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Strider Web 2020-10-06

Geopoint Placement Map appearance

  • First publish of Placement Map appearance
  • Only functional on Web (Strider Android / iOS default to regular Geopoint widget)
  • Uses placement-map for appearance on location / geopoint widgets in XLS
  • Allows user to place marker on Google map to retrieve lat/lng coordinates of marker.
  • Markers can be dragged to change location.
  • Clear will remove marker from map and set lat/lng to zeros.
  • Must have location services allowed in browser for current location to show up.
  • Use Current Location places a marker at the user’s location if allowed.

Public Forms and Dashboard

  • First publish of Public Forms capability
  • Form can be made public by admins only via the Settings page in Form Management
  • Public form requirements checked when navigating to Settings page.
  • Tooltip will show requirements needed if existing form doesn’t meet them. Otherwise, show link to help guide for more info on public forms.
  • Dashboard show Public Form plans. Existing and new customers have Basic Plan by default.

Form Settings Page

  • Complete rework of layout and settings functionality.
  • Settings buttons correspond to previous dropdown values.
SprayLogger 2020-09-22

Web Platform – Sensor Setup Page

  • Wording Update: Reject Pulses of all Booms are Off changed to Ignore Pulses if all Switches are Off

Plugin to MapItFast for Android – New Job Form

  • Remove Option: Record spray line if boom active but flow sensor fails?


Strider Web 2020-08-11

Photo widget Clear button

  • Clear button removes existing image from temporary record being edited.
  • Image is not permanently deleted until user hits Submit to save final changes.
  • Only applied to the Photo widget. Annotate widget operates differently and currently saves a blank image.

Record Editing Buttons

  • Button toolbar now shows Submit (save final changes of form and return to dashboard) and Cancel (discard changes made in editing and return to dashboard).
  • Single page forms do not show Prev / Next navigation buttons.
  • X button in upper right reveals dialog with options to Save Changes / Discard / Cancel.