Turnkey Data Automation Engineered for Agribusiness

Since 2003, AgTerra has delivered custom data collection and mapping solutions to agribusinesses throughout the United States and Canada.  Today our agriculture data solutions help companies effectively map and capture production information on mobile devices, deliver harvest reports over the web, manage grower payments, provide instant electronic communications, worker protection standards, and more.  Out-of-the-box products as well as customized AgTrac solutions are available.

The AgTrac System

Custom Software Solutions for Agribusiness

AgTerra’s AgTrac System helps agribusinesses streamline daily operations and meet the needs of producers. Each AgTrac system combines a specially tailored set of individual modules to fit the specific contours of your business.  AgTrac modules may be customized for:

  • Grower contracting
  • Field level mapping
  • Harvest scheduling
  • Crop production records
  • Chemical application
  • Seed ordering, sales, and delivery
  • Recording access, restricted, and no-work areas
  • Fleet management
  • Payment systems
  • Crop scouting
  • Plot research
  • Seed variety analysis
  • Worker Protection Standards (WPS) Reporting
  • Mass texting/email communication system

Ag-Centric Templates for Strider Forms and Reports

Pre-built and verified data collection templates are available for many for ag-based activities. Templates can be used out-of-the-box or customized for operation specifics.

Crop scouting | Worker Protection Standards | Field Surveying

Deliver value in real time

AgTerra’s field based mapping (MapItFast) and mobile forms and reporting (Strider) software are quickly deployed to help agribusinesses deliver valuable services to their growers.

custom software solutions for agribusinesses

We focus on making it easy for agriculturists to cover the who, what, when, where and how of field operations. One tap mapping and forms with photos and auto-populated data fields simplify data collection from the field.

Maximize time and efficiency when working with growers and maintain a permanent field history to help improve production going forward.

With excellent maps, observation photos, and detailed reports, agriculturists get the thorough record-keeping that is essential for handling production challenges in real-time.

Designed for the Way You Do Business

AgTerra’s products are both flexible and scalable. Forms and reports can be customized with our handy drag-n-drop builders. to meet the unique needs of each agribusiness. We’ll even provide one-on-one assistance to help you design intelligent forms and PDF reports.

Strider has the power to automatically generate detailed summary reports that further enhance your data analysis capabilities by compiling records and identifying trends.

For advanced users looking to integrate with a pre-existing database, we provide a free REST API and support for accessing your data.

Let MapItFast simplify your entire crop maintenance operation

  • Conducting field surveys and scout observations
  • Monitoring field workers in real-time
  • Weed, insect, disease, soil, and plant sampling
  • Generating maps showing field conditions
  • Making ag chemical recommendations tracking applications
  • Viewing spray application maps
  • Recording plot observations
  • Gathering harvest information
  • Managing data from drones
  • Meeting Worker Protection Standards (WPS) requirements

See how MapItFast can be put to work for your business.