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Upgrade to precision digital mapping and streamline data collection and reporting for field-based operations.  AgTerra’s software and hardware solutions focus on ease of use and are designed to integrate with existing database and GIS systems. Our products provide customers with a competitive advantage in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.

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MapItFast with Strider Reporting: Gather field data as points, lines, polygons or geophotos and assign detailed attributes and notes right from your Android and Apple device, even when offline. Collaborate and share securely in an online, synced environment. Monitor field crew progress and assign work orders in real-time from the MapItFast and Strider web portals.

SprayLogger and FoggerLogger: With AgTerra’s intustry-leading pesticide application mapping and record-keeping system, applicators just spray and go. Answer 5 questions to begin the job, then spray like usual. Your SprayLogger datalogging computer automatically captures and maps all application details.  From the SprayLogger/FoggerLogger web portal, you can instantly generate detailed, printable application reports and export shapefiles and Google Earth maps for one or many jobs.

SnapMapper: Capture GPS location from equipment actions at the flip of a switch. Easily wired into any equipment, SnapMapper will capture activities such as when and where road salt was applied, lawns were mowed, crops were combined and more.  As a plugin to MapItFast, SnapMapper lets you leverage the full capabilities of synchronized mapping and reporting in your operations.