Record anything. Display it beautifully.

It’s time to streamline your data gathering operations, eliminate paper waste, avoid double-entry and send information exactly where it needs to go. Strider Forms and Reporting does all this and more, automatically. With Strider, you capture field data directly on your Android or Apple device. You get failsafe data protection, even without an internet connection, and automatic syncing to your account while connected. Information you collect is instantly available to be shared among your team members.

Customizable Forms for Mobile and the Web

Convert outdated paper forms into intelligent electronic forms. Collect absolutely any information from the field or the office. Attach forms to any map object and fill them out directly from the MapItFast app. Enter your data when you need to in the field. It’s secure and accurate. And it syncs to your AgTerra account as soon as you return to service.

Advanced Field Types

Electronic forms give you access to data entry that is impossible with paper forms, including automated date and time, GPS locations, drop down menus with search, photos taken and marked up with your device and much more.

Powerful Form Functions

Strider supercharges data gathering with pre-populated fields, auto-calculations, relevance logic, quick-fill from lookup tables and repeat groups. Users enter only what they need to and stay focused on their field work.

Match Your Workflow

Enter data however works for you. Strider accepts typed entry, handwriting, voice, barcodes and radio frequency identification. You can even auto-fill fields with data pulled from outside sources.

Flexible Design Tools

Design forms in minutes and dispatch them to the field instantly. Build complex forms with ease using AgTerra’s handy drag-n-drop web designer. Or upload your existing forms from Excel files.

Powerful Reporting, Infinitely Customizable

The Strider Web dashboard is a powerful reporting platform. Each of your records from every form is available for instant analysis, and you can quickly switch between forms from the same page. Maximize your understanding by organizing the display to your exact specifications. Strider will remember your preferences every time you return to the dashboard.

  • Rearrange, hide and rename columns.
  • Apply smart filters and sorts to any column.
    • Query records by number, date range, select value or text match.
  • Add summary calculations to column footers.
    • Calculate by sum, average, min, max, count and more.

Printable Reports for a Professional Edge

With Strider’s Report Designer, you can share your data instantly as PDF files. Organize and style field values using tables, colored backgrounds, font styles and more. Include maps, photos and company logos. Then have your reports emailed to anyone you choose the instant your form is submitted.

Enter it once. And for all.

Complying with inspections and surveys while maintaining productivity is demanding. Don’t make it harder by giving your field workers pages of forms to fill out. Strider streamlines field reporting, so crews can stay focused on their job online or offline in remote areas. Automatic data-syncing in the background warehouses records from every user into your own private and secure account where you control access and permissions. You eliminate redundancies with data entry while giving easier access to records for the people who need them. From your account, you can export to documents and spreadsheets, generate printable reports and integrate with existing databases.

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What Our Customers Say

“We’ve been really happy with AgTerra and their customer service, the quality of their parts, their response time…I don’t have anything but good things to say about their customer service.”

~ Paul Pardini, City Of Richland

“Managing the maps and data from all the contractors is easy and convenient. We were able to accomplish all of this at a fraction of the cost of other systems.”

~Jeremy Dedic, Wyoming State Forestry

“We’ve tried several different products out there in the past, but none of them offer the ease-of-use and the synchronization that MapItFast did…. Regardless of the type of device our guys carry, the system always seems to work.”

~ Mike Metzger, Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative

“In addition to being good software and having a lot of capabilities technology-wise, we’ve found AgTerra to be exceptional to work with. They have good people, they’re responsive to our needs, and they’re trying to adapt their technology to what we need.”

~ Pat Bresnahan, Sinner Bros. & Bresnahan’s