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Mobile Mapping, Data Gathering and Reporting Solutions for Field Professionals

Really easy mapping and electronic data collection

MapItFast combines enterprise power and ease of use to revolutionize your field mapping operations. With a single tap anyone can map points, lines, areas and photos on Apple or Android devices. MapItFast works offline in the most remote areas capturing both geographic and tabular data. At the enterprise level, teams collaborate on projects while securely sharing real-time data and delivering printable reports.

Expand Your Data Collection Network

Introducing a new way to gather data for your business operations. With Strider Public Forms, customers and community members can submit forms to you from any web or mobile browser, whether they have an AgTerra account or not.

You select which forms to share and who to share them with. Public submissions are securely stored right alongside your other Strider records for centralized review and export.

Automate Data Collection with AgTerra's Integrated Hardware

AgTerra hardware works in conjunction with our mapping and reporting software to further simplify field work.  SprayLogger for vehicles and backpacks streamline pesticide application record-keeping, FoggerLogger is an essential component of a complete mosquito management program, and SnapMapper logs and maps switch-activated equipment operations.

Whatever your resource, we'll help you set your records straight

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Crop Scouting
Pesticide Application
Site Surveys
Infrastructure Maintenance
Asset Management
Tower Inspection
Wildland Fire Support
Vegetation Management

For well over a decade AgTerra has been delivering turnkey software and hardware solutions to agriculture and natural resources professionals. Our easy mapping and data solutions enable our customers to meet field data collection and reporting requirements while adding value to their own services.

Map Anywhere

MapItFast works in even the most remote areas.  With a single tap on your mobile phone or tablet, you create informative, accurate, GIS ready maps with points, lines, polygons and geo-photos.


Track Anything

Track, map, and generate reports for your equipment operations.  From pesticide application equipment, salt spreaders and more, AgTerra has the solutions that combine our proprietary data logging hardware and software to help you automatically track, record and report on all equipment in the field.


Synchronize Everything

Your data is automatically uploaded into a single location and your reports are accessible from any mobile device and web browser.  No manual uploading required.  AgTerra’s mobile mapping, data collection and reporting solutions create efficient operations because we eliminate the time, errors and costs associated with paper and data re-entry.


The AgTerra Product Line

Mapping and Data Solutions for Field Professionals

ActionMapper is the latest generation of datalogger from AgTerra Technologies. Designed specifically for remote monitoring and recording of equipment operations as they occur in the field, ActionMapper is the perfect solution for natural resource and agriculture professionals looking to streamline operations.
Built on the SprayLogger framework, FoggerLogger is specifically configured for use with ultra-low volume foggers. Full integration with MapItFast and Strider brings AgTerra’s complete mapping, data collection, and reporting power your mosquito management program.
SnapMapper is a small, low cost, device that works in combination with MapItFast to translate equipment operations onto automated maps. Enable any button, lever, or switch to create an object in MapItFast. SnapMapper reads your equipment activity and syncs it to your account automatically. No additional user interaction is required.
Included free with MapItFast, Strider Forms & Reporting takes your data recording to the next level. Use our drag-n-drop builder to create fully customizable electronic forms. Advanced form features allow you to capture absolutely anything. Attach forms to any map object and fill them out directly from the MapItFast app. Strider also includes automated, printable report generation to allow your team to show off a job well done.
SprayLogger is the most advanced pesticide application reporting system available. Logging precise application details is as easy as answering 1-5 questions on an intuitive electronic form and spraying. Administrators can preset chemicals and mixes for multiple rigs and setups from the intuitive web dashboard. Multiple models are available to fit any size rig or budget. Track spray activity from trucks, hy-rails, ATVs and UTVs, hose reels and backpacks. Spray data syncs automatically so you can generate detailed, printable reports of spray amounts, locations, weather conditions and more.
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What our customers say

“We’ve Been Really Happy With AgTerra And Their Customer Service, The Quality Of Their Parts, Their Response Time…I Don’t Have Anything But Good Things To Say About Their Customer Service.”

~ Paul Pardini, City Of Richland

“Managing The Maps And Data From All The Contractors Is Easy And Convenient. We Were Able To Accomplish All Of This At A Fraction Of The Cost Of Other Systems.”

~Jeremy Dedic, Wyoming State Forestry

“We’ve Tried Several Different Products Out There In The Past, But None Of Them Offer The Ease-Of-Use And The Synchronization That MapItFast Did…Regardless Of The Type Of Device Our Guys Carry, The System Always Seems To Work.”

~ Mike Metzger, Minn-Dak Farmers Cooperative

“In Addition To Being Good Software And Having A Lot Of Capabilities Technology-Wise, We’ve Found AgTerra To Be Exceptional To Work With. They Have Good People, They’re Responsive To Our Needs, And They’re Trying To Adapt Their Technology To What We Need.”

~ Pat Bresnahan, Sinner Bros. & Bresnahan’s