Check out these tools available with every MapItFast and Strider account for ways you can put your field crew in a position to effectively and efficiently report on their field activity. 

And don’t forget that AgTerra’s support team is here to help you get the job done. Visit the AgTerra Academy for more detailed documentation and videos, or fill out a support ticket to get personalized help and advice.

Create Uniform Map Styles

Make maps more informative with consistent map object colors and styles. MapItFast’s Data Dictionaries let you define styles for common objects. Your field personnel simply select an entry and styles are automatically applied as they map. 

View Fieldwork in Real Time

Never miss a beat while you use real-time data to make actionable decisions. MapItFast Web is a visual platform that let’s you organize the entire team’s field work. Best of all, it’s updated from all user devices automatically while they are in the field. 

Auto Email Work Reports 

Printable reports can be emailed to anyone you chose when a Strider form is saved. It’s the easiest way to keep team managers or customers updated on field work while delivering a professional image. 

Leverage Map/Form Integration

Form entry simplifies and provides consistent data entry. But did you know MapItFast’s Active Map Triggers can be used to update map styles based on how a form is filled out? Now maps can be used to confirm work status based on form entries.

Manage Access to Projects 

Give your fieldworkers access to just the projects and forms they need. You can use AgTerra’s unified User Management System to set group and user level permissions to streamline workflow and secure data.