Keep the Lights On and the Rails Clear with AgTerra's Data Tracking Power

AgTerra offers powerful tools to improve the efficiency and precision of your vegetation management work that go well beyond our standard mapping and reporting packages. We can build custom solutions that help manage mowing and spray crews and record tree trimming and removal activities.

Our mobile and web-based solutions allow you to generate reports from remote work sites. We can even integrate our software with your pre-existing systems.

An Integrated Vegetation Management Solution

AgTerra’s suite of data collection and reporting tools can bring efficiency and precision to all aspects of your vegetation management jobs.

  • Email reports with logos, maps, photos, signatures and more from the field
  • Access maps and records and track work progress in real-time from the field or office
  • Track herbicide application, line clearing routes, and trimming locations
  • Direct crews to job location, Communicate access points, and set alerts for restrictions and no-work areas
  • Document work performed, generate time sheets, and maintain historical records for compliance and reviews
  • Manage dangerous trees, perform damage assessment, and schedule removals

Get a customized fit for maintenance projects on:

  • Roadside Right of Way
  • Transmission Lines
  • Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Utility Substations
  • Rail Lines and Towers

Operations Tracking Customized to your Jobs

We deliver dynamic software solutions customized specifically for vegetation management reporting requirements. MapItFast projects combine with Strider reporting to streamline information exchange among managers, employees, contractors, and regulators.

We’ll help you design electronic forms for all your critical data collection. And you’ll get AgTerra’s report generation tools to create automated reports with company logos, photos, maps, signatures, and more. Even better, reports can be created online or while working in the field in disconnected environments.

With our SprayLogger system, you can easily track your fleet of chemical application rigs. Document chemical usage and costs. Demonstrate your value to stakeholders with precision spray and no-spray lines and weather reporting.

SprayLogger fully integrates with MapItFast and Strider to bring all your operations together.

AgTerra hardware makes vegetation management record-keeping even simpler. All AgTerra dataloggers plug into MapItFast to combine the power of mapping and reporting software with super simple data capturing hardware.

  • SprayLogger model E3B is powerful enough for trucks and rail, and our Backpack Lite model is perfect for ATVs and backpacks.
  • SnapMapper quickly affixes to any rig to automatically map equipment operations performed with the flip of a switch or the press of a button.
  • TrackItFast enables fleet management and asset tracking capabilities.