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Track 1 to 12 independent equipment activities
Use ActionMapper to track anything your equipment does, including multiple on/off operations. You can even record specialty operations such as flow quantities in spray systems.
Record in the most remote locations
ActionMapper is designed for field use. Enclosed in a rugged, water-resistant case, ActionMapper securely records and stores all activity data, even in disconnected environments.
Easy recording and automatic cloud data transfer
No need to manually download or transfer data to your computer. ActionMapper automatically transmits recorded data to the cloud using AGT DataConnect.

ActionMapper is the latest generation of datalogger from AgTerra Technologies. Designed specifically for remote monitoring and recording of equipment operations as they occur in the field, ActionMapper is the perfect solution for natural resource and agriculture professionals looking to streamline operations.

When paired with AgTerra’s purpose-built mapping and reporting software solutions, such as SprayLogger, ActionMapper sets a new bar in the industry for automation and professional results. Whether your needs are for accurately reporting pesticide applications, monitoring harvest operations, or viewing liquid salt deployment during a winter storm, ActionMapper delivers the timely and accurate information you need for decision-making and accountability purposes. 

Multiple Sizes to Fit All Operations!

ActionMapper S3

Powerful data collection potential with up to 3 switch ports, 1 flow port and 1 power-out port

ActionMapper S12

Complete power and flexibility with up to 12 switch ports and 4 specialty ports for flow or power-out

ActionMapper Mini

Single-port configuration and a smaller form factor offers datalogging precision in a portable package

Integrated Maps and Reporting

ActionMapper integrates fully with AgTerra’s industry-specific reporting solutions, SprayLogger and TrackItFast. Equipment operators can monitor ActionMapper activity through the associated plugin to the MapItFast mobile app. Job data and maps are available through associated web portals for review, analysis and reporting.

*Existing SprayLogger customers can seamlessly incorporate ActionMapper dataloggers into their fleet alongside SprayLogger E3 and E4 dataloggers.

Spray map

Precision You Can See

Every ActionMapper comes equipped with a state-of-the-art GPS chip for tracking activity location with 3-5 meter accuracy. Configuration options allow you to specify swath width for individual activities tracked and apply offsets from the center of the vehicle. The result is a precision map of all activity performed!

*For those needing greater mapping precision, a high-resolution (1 meter or better accuracy) GPS upgrade is available.

Automatic Cloud Transfer with AGT DataConnect

AGT DataConnect facilitates automated data transfer between ActionMapper and AgTerra’s cloud servers. There is no need to download data from the logger or remember to manually push the data to the cloud. You get instant reports and can follow equipment activity from the web in near real time! Each ActionMapper datalogger offers two AGT DataConnect modes so you can find the method that best fits your team’s workflow.

MapItFast QuickStart

Connect ActionMapper to any Bluetooth enabled Android mobile device and activate it through the MapItFast mobile app. Monitor activity on a live, moving map. Recorded data is transmitted to the cloud using the mobile device internet connection.

ActionMapper Go

Simply turn on the ActionMapper and go! Job data is automatically recorded and transmitted to the cloud by a built-in cellular modem. Indicator lights on the datalogger interface let you know the data recording and transmission status.