Powerful, easy to install hardware for the field

AgTerra has designed custom datalogging hardware to further simplify field data collection. Our dataloggers go anywhere and record field activity as you work. There is no need to enter your work logs manually; our tools track what you do (and what you don’t!) automatically.

From the feature-rich power of the SprayLogger E3 Series to the simple versatility of SnapMapper, Agterra has the precise hardware package for your specific budget and needs. Go to our Product Specifications page to see the complete list of features for all AgTerra dataloggers.

Best of all, our dataloggers seamlessly integrate with AgTerra software to bring our complete mapping and reporting power to your job tracking. Whether using the robust out-of-the-box reporting of SprayLogger and FoggerLogger or leveraging the MapItFast plugins to unlock the infinite adaptability of Strider Forms and Reports, gathering all your critical data has never been simpler or more automatic.

More spray time, less desk time

SprayLogger is the most advanced pesticide application reporting system available. Logging precise application details is as easy as answering 1-5 questions on an intuitive electronic form and spraying. Administrators can preset chemicals and mixes for multiple rigs and setups from the intuitive web dashboard. Multiple models are available to fit any size rig or budget. Track spray activity from trucks, hy-rails, ATVs and UTVs, hose reels and backpacks. Spray data syncs automatically so you can generate detailed, printable reports of spray amounts, locations, weather conditions and more.

Track absolutely anything

SnapMapper is a small, low cost, device that works in combination with MapItFast to translate equipment operations onto automated maps. Enable any button, lever, or switch to create an object in MapItFast. SnapMapper reads your equipment activity and syncs it to your account automatically. No additional user interaction is required.

Your complete mosquito management tracking solution

Built on the SprayLogger framework, FoggerLogger is specifically configured for use with ultra-low volume foggers. Full integration with MapItFast and Strider brings AgTerra’s complete mapping, data collection, and reporting power your mosquito management program.

Automate data collection for any industry

For over fifteen years, AgTerra has enabled natural resource professionals to simplify data collection and reporting while delivering greater value to their customers.  How can we help you?  Contact us today and let us help you learn how easy and affordable our technology can be for your workforce and operations.

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