FeatureE3 SeriesBackpack LiteFoggerLoggerSnapMapper
IP65 Rated Rugged Enclosure
Data Input Ports 4 Sensors/15 switches 1 Switch 1 Switch 1 Switch
Flow Sensors Up to 4
Pressure SensorOptional
Flow Rates (GPM) 0.026-250 0.026-0.5 0.026-0.5
Measurement Method Sensor and Calibrated Calibrated Calibrated
Activated Switch Recording Up to 15 1 1 1
Data Capture Interval 1 sec Manual 1 sec Manual
Multicore Processor
On Board Job Storage
GPS 1-3 meter Mobile Device 1-3 meter Mobile Device
Power Source120V/12-24V DC AdapterUSB/External12-24V DC AdapterUSB/External
Surge Protection
Over-the-Air Firmware Updates
Applied Quantity Accuracy Better than 1% Calibrated Calibrated

Data Collection

FeatureE3 SeriesBackpack LiteFoggerLoggerSnapMapper
Auto-Calculated Spray Area
Spray Distance & Total Distance Traveled
Application Speed
Separate Tank Mix Monitoring & Reporting Up to 4 1 1
Active Ingredients Applied 1/1000th 1/1000th 1/1000th
Active Ingredients Spray Location
One Question Quick-Start
Automated Weather (temp, wind speed/dir, humidity)
Spray Line Segment-Level Details
Offline Mode


FeatureE3 SeriesBackpack LiteFoggerLoggerSnapMapper
Live Moving Map Tracking
Color-Coded Spray Tracks & No-Spray Areas
Spray Pattern Width Display
Split Boom & specs-section Mapping
Simultaneous GPS Object Mapping
Unlimited On-the-Fly Target Selection
Shapefile & Database Export
Custom Basemap Ready
View & Share Job Progress in Real-Time


FeatureE3 SeriesBackpack LiteFoggerLoggerSnapMapper
Built-in Pesticide Application Reports
Application-Level Details
Printable Job & Application Map
Asset & Applicator Time Tracking
Equipment & Labor Calculations
Invoice Generation
Multi-Job Reporting by Customer & Date
Printable PDF Reports with Custom Logo
Filter-Based Exporting


FeatureE3 SeriesBackpack LiteFoggerLoggerSnapMapper
Personnel Administration
Asset Administration
Online Job Management & Editing
Customized Parameters & Drop Downs
3rd Party Access Free Free Free Additional Cost
API Option for 3rd Party Integration

Automate Data Collection for Any Industry

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