Keep track of the forest without losing sight of the trees

Data collection in forestry applications presents a unique set of challenges. From ever-changing environmental conditions to crews and equipment operating in remote locations, the industry requires technology that can keep up. Forest managers need a cost-effective solution that can place important data in the hands of users, both in and out of the field.

Forest Management Solutions
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Forest Management


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Gather Data Remotely

MapItFast and Strider Forms from AgTerra are intuitive, interactive, and spatially aware. Together, they are the forestry professional’s complete resource monitoring solution.

MapItFast takes advantage of the integrated GPS already available in low-cost cell phones and tablets, and it works in the most remote areas where a connection may not be available. Take maps and data anywhere with the ability to upload custom basemaps and layersets for offline data collection in any location.

Strider let’s you create detailed forms for collecting data specific to your forest monitoring needs. Simplify tree surveys with species names loaded from a database or set up alerts to inform team members of invasive species threats.

When you get back to civilization, MapItFast will automatically sync the data to a single database for additional analysis and sharing.

Flexibility to Meet Your Needs

AgTerra’s products are designed to be flexible and scalable. All forms and reports may be customized to meet the unique requirements of a business or organization. AgTerra provides one-on-one assistance with custom forms, PDF reports and detailed summary reports that further empower data analysis capabilities by compiling records and identifying trends. A free REST API is available for high end users who require integration with pre-existing systems.

Depending on business requirements, MapItFast may be further enhanced with AgTerra’s add-on modules such as SprayLogger for highly detailed herbicide application tracking and reporting and TrackItFast for fleet management and asset tracking.  For the enterprise, AgTerra offers customized software development tailored to vegetation management.

Power to Deliver Value

Improve accountability and productivity in your operations while making jobs easier and faster. Personnel can get more done in less time by simply tapping on the map and filling out a form. Communications are improved and efficiency is increased. Immediate access to data from the field puts information at your fingertips and gives users the ability to make informed decisions quickly. Eliminate time spent interpreting paper maps, deciphering handwriting or locating missing forms. MapItFast puts everything in one place and keeps everyone on the same page.

All the features you need to protect our natural resources

MapItFast and Strider are particularly useful in forestry operations because they have the features needed to improve data collection accuracy. It drastically reduces the time needed to share field data, and the application can be tailored to your existing enterprise.

  • One tap GPS-based mapping or drawing for points, lines, areas and geophotos. GPS coordinates, distance and area are automatically provided.
  • No data connection required for use in the field.
  • Data dictionaries make it easy to add map objects with custom, pre-defined icons, colors and names.
  • Multiple forms may be attached to a map object, making it easy to compile historical data on a single object.
  • Synchronization engine enables automatic sharing of maps and data among multiple users within the same project.
  • Centrally-administered project data and an advanced user and group permissions system keep data private.
  • Tools for searching, editing, buffering, and more.
  • Online or offline basemap capability to view large custom basemaps such as detailed aerial and topo maps with land ownership property lines.
  • Data integration tools for importing/exporting any data into and from any other GIS and third party database systems.
  • Ability to create printable PDF reports customized with color-coded map objects, photos, drawings, signatures, business logo and more that can be e-mailed directly from the device.