Package Contents

Strider Forms
Crop Survey
Active Map Triggers
Survey Scheduler (Time-based)
Public Forms
Customer Contract Survey
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The crop scouting package includes two forms and an active map trigger.

The first form is used by scouts to collect information about crop health, stand counts, weed intensity, pests, and diseases. This form has customizable lists for crops, pests and diseases.

The second form is used by a supplier to survey farm contracts. Used as a public form, the form can be sent to contract holders for them to submit information about the status of their crop. A contract information spreadsheet can be associated with the form to supply pre-populated information about the contract. When you share the form with contract holders, you supply them with a unique survey code. They enter their contract number and survey code into the form, and the form pre-populates their contract information from the spreadsheet.

The active map trigger can be associated with either crop scouting form. It will turn the object yellow for when a new survey deadline is approaching and red for when it is due. You can customize the trigger with the amount of time between scheduled surveys.