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AgTerra Never Stops Improving

We never stop improving our products!

One of the many advantages our customers get with their annual subscription are automatic and free updates to the software we build.  Our customers share their experiences with us and we listen to every one of them so we can learn what we need to do to help make the software not only better for them but everyone else too.  Here are three recent features we added to MapItFast you may not know about.

1)  Mapping points, lines, polygons and photos has always been based on your current GPS location.  As you navigate around a location you can map areas, perimeters, items in the area and gather photos all at the same time and they will show on your map based upon where you are.  However, it is not always possible to map using a GPS.  Imagine trying to map a wildfire perimeter while it is burning.  Now you can tap and hold the point, line, or polygon button for a couple of seconds (also called a long press) and you are then able to locate a new point or draw a line or area on the map.  Since area and distance are also calculated when you are done, this is a great way to gather measurements in the field as well.  All features you map this way are also synchronized so they are shared with others.

2)  We have now added is an automatic alert you can activate so you know if your GPS stops collecting data.  This can occur if the GPS on your device is not sensitive enough in areas such as narrow canyons and underneath heavy canopies.  It can also occur if the settings for GPS data collection are set for higher sensitivity than your device can achieve.  To activate the alarm (which is set to off by default), simply tap on the GPS accuracy, speed and altitude box in the upper left hand corner.  This will bring up a detailed GPS information box.  Scroll to the bottom and check the box for “Send notification when GPS communication is lost”.  After doing so, if GPS data cannot be collected within 2 minutes because of a poor signal for your settings, you will receive a text alert alarm and a warning icon will display.

3)  Another nice feature that has been added is the ability to use custom symbols for points, lines and polygons that are preset in your data dictionary.  This makes it possible, for instance, to map a bridge location by selecting the word bridge from a list on your device originally created in in your data dictionary.  Beside typing the word automatically for you a picture of a bridge can be used instead of a map pin to show its location.  Areas and lines can also have unique colors, types and transparency applied.  Your maps on your device, other people’s devices, on the web, and in your KMZ export will all show with unique symbology.

We hope you enjoy these new features.  Please keep your ideas coming!