The National Technology and Development Program of the US Forest Service published an extensive review of AgTerra’s SprayLogger with a special focus on backpack spraying. The document contains a lot of valuable insights for using technology in your field application tracking. You can read the complete published review here.

SprayLogger has developed quite a lot since this review was completed, and we wanted to highlight a few key updates:

Flow sensors and switch activation

  • The backpack-mounted SprayLogger that uses a flow sensor is no longer available. The Backpack Lite captures accurate quantity applied without the need for a flow sensor. However, if you need the absolute precision of an electronic flow sensor, you might consider the E4A model SprayLogger.
  • Waterproof switches and buttons for registering activation of the backpack sprayer are available from AgTerra. There is no need for you to wire in your own switches. But if you prefer to, it’s an easy process!
  • As noted at the end of the report, battery-powered backpack sprayers can be wired directly into the SprayLogger Backpack Lite to register spray activity whenever the pump motor turns on.

MapItFast mobile and web apps with SprayLogger plugin

  • The SprayLogger plugin to MapItFast mobile is available only on Android devices. There is no iOS version of the SprayLogger plugin.
  • MapItFast and SprayLogger can read GPS data from a Bluetooth connected GPS unit (such as a Garmin Glo). They can even read from a differential GPS. For more information, please check out our GPS Explainer.
  • The new Layerset Manager for MapItFast web allows you to design custom basemaps and layersets and deliver them to mobile devices with greatly improved efficiency. Maps can even be cached or downloaded to the device for offline use!
  • By combining SprayLogger spray data with custom forms filled out from the mobile app, you can collect absolutely any information whatsoever about your field activity.

MapItFast Layerset Manager

Of particular interest to pesticide applicators, you can create custom layersets to represent:

  • Beekeeping locations
  • No-spray zones
  • Third-party weed sightings
  • Applications from previous seasons

and so much more! Contact us to learn how to import your location data as custom layers.

SprayLogger web app and reporting

  • We have significantly streamlined the process for configuring your system on the SprayLogger web app. It is now easier than ever to get out and spraying!
  • We agree with the report authors that the export and reporting capabilities of the MapItFast and SprayLogger web apps are excellent, and we continue to improve and expand the offerings!
  • With the SprayLogger API and WFS service, spray data can be connected directly to third-party databases such as the FACTS/TESP-IS system.

Head on over to the SprayLogger product page to learn more about the system and all the available datalogger models. When you’re ready to take your backpack spraying to the next level with automated application logging, get in touch!