Changing map imagery in MapItFast

Basemaps are sets of individual map images (called tiles) generated at a particular resolution and stitched together to create a seamless map. Map tiles make it possible for mobile devices to rapidly access and deliver map images. When you create map objects (points, lines, polygons and geophotos) in MapItFast, the basemap gives you a reference frame for your object location. Learn more about the difference between objects, layersets and basemaps in MapItFast.

MapItFast comes pre-loaded with a set of basemaps from the popular online sources Google, Bing and Open Street Map. In addition to these built-in street and aerial views, you can also make custom basemaps available for online mobile use. Simply load your custom basemap to MapItFast Web, and it will be listed as an available option in the Layersets menu of the MapItFast mobile app.

The selected basemap will display whenever you have an internet connection. Pro-tip: You can pre-cache tiles by scrolling to different areas when you have an internet connection. Then, head out into the field. Cached tiles will be visible even when you’re offline.

Android users can load basemaps to an SD card in their device, and access them in MapItFast with or without an internet connection. To learn how, check out the Custom Basemaps & Overlays chapter in the AgTerra Academy online Help Guide.

Serving maps to all MapItFast mobile users at once

New to MapItFast, users can now download custom basemaps to their device storage from the cloud. This feature is available on MapItFast for both Android and Apple devices.

Serving offline basemaps is as easy!

  1. Design your basemap in any GIS platform, and export to MBTiles format.
  2. Load the basemap to your AgTerra account from MapItFast Web.
  3. Select the basemap from your list of layersets in the MapItFast mobile app, and MapItFast will download it to your device storage. (Make sure you have an internet connection for this.)
  4. Head out into the field and get mapping using your custom reference map!

For details on each of these steps, AgTerra account holders can learn more in the AgTerra Academy online Help Guide.

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