And to grow with you!

When it comes to pesticide application tracking, there is no one-size-fits-all. The needs of a one-person operation are very different from those of a county weed department or a major contractor for power and rail companies.

That’s why AgTerra has designed our mapping and datalogging tools to be flexible and adaptable. Use the power of MapItFast with custom forms to build your own data collection system, or implement one of our ready-made solutions with industry tested spray forms, automated datalogging, and instant reports.

Start at the automation level that is right for you. When you are ready to expand your operations, it’s easy to scale up using field trusted solutions from AgTerra.

MapItFast and the Weed Spray Package from mapHIVE

Map your spray activity with the MapItFast mobile app, the easiest field mapping app on the market.

Power-up your records with AgTerra’s pre-built and industry-tested spray form. Integrated seamlessly with MapItFast, this form allows you to customize chemical, target and customer lists.

Automated Spray Mapping with SnapMapper

Bring some automation into your operation with the SnapMapper datalogger.

Connect a SnapMapper to the operation of your spray pump, and it will create GPS lines to track everywhere you sprayed.

SprayLogger for Complete Spray Tracking Power

Beyond recording where you sprayed and where you didn’t, SprayLogger tracks precise quantities applied; weather conditions; applicator, rig and customer information; and more!

Plus, detailed maps and reports are instantly available back in the office!