For current customers, all the convenience and flexibility you’ve grown to love about Strider is still there. We’ve just packed in greater efficiency and even more power. Check out the new Strider Web for yourself.

If you aren’t yet a customer, learn more about Strider to see how electronic forms and automated reporting can streamline your operations.

Here are some of the exciting additions we’ve made:

New Records Management Dashboard

The new Strider home page puts your records in a whole new light. More than just a data table, the Strider Dashboard assembles all your records in one place and is a powerful reporting platform. Now you can manage and discover relationships in your data even better with:

  • Quick Form Selection: Switch between multiple forms on one panel.
  • Column Organization: Select only the columns you want to display, order them any way you see fit, and change the headings to whatever you choose.
  • Records Filtering: Query records using the convenient search bar or by adding filters to individual columns.
  • Records Management: View, edit, and add records directly from the dashboard.
  • Summary Calculations: Summarize column values (sum, average, max, min) in the footer of individual columns.

Form Entry Portal

Experience a whole new and enjoyable way to fill out Strider forms from the web. Based on the mobile-friendly paging format, the new form filler organizes form fields into convenient sections similar to your mobile device. The new form entry system now has:

  • Table of Contents Panel: You know exactly where you are in the form, and you can quickly navigate to relevant sections.
  • Improved Formatting: Field titles, hints and inputs are easier to read.
  • Enhanced Validation: The paging format makes it clear what fields are required to ensure that you capture the data you need.
  • Easy Entry: Add new form entries directly from the Strider Dashboard.