Streamline Collaborative Mapping with Map Triggers

Active map triggers give administrators and users a visual way to stay up-to-date on shared MapItFast projects. Displaying results from a form onto a map is a great way to monitor activities and optimize efficiency within an organization. Trigger functionality built into MapItFast with Strider Forms and Reports makes it possible to use electronic forms and visualize responses from the forms on a map.

The trigger indicates a status change by modifying the appearance of map objects as forms get updated in the field. Now administrators can indicate objects that need attention, and field workers can inform the home office when tasks have been completed, all in real-time.

Value Triggers and Time Triggers

Two types of trigger functionality are available with MapItFast. Triggers can be set to activate based on a response in a form as in the example above or based upon a time interval that is started when a response is made in a form. Timed triggers are useful for workforce activities such as inspections that are conducted on a regular interval.

For one common use case, users can select a high, medium, and low value in a form that then displays red, yellow and green points, lines or polygons on a map depending what is selected. An administrator viewing the associated project map in MapItFast then has an overall view of conditions or activities over a large geographic area.

Start Working Better Together with Map Triggers

  1. Define Your Trigger: Choose the form that you want to use and the field that will serve as the input to the trigger. Any time this field is updated and the form is saved, MapItFast will update the object display on your map to indicate the change.
  2. Add Trigger Values: Set the particular display characteristics that you want depending on the value of the trigger field. You can set different characteristics for any value that might be saved, and you can define different characteristics depending on what object type the form is attached to.
    • PRO TIP: Single Select fields make great triggers because they ensure that the entered value stays consistent every time it is changed and saved.
  3. Attach Your Form: Add your form to an object in MapItFast and save it. Within a few seconds, the object style will update to match your trigger settings.
  4. Update and Collaborate: Team members can use the visual cues to understand what work needs to be done. Then they update the form, and you can see that the work was completed!

Other ways successful organizations use triggers to work better together:

  1. Visualizing and monitoring re-entry intervals for pesticide applications
  2. Monitoring vegetation treatment cycles with contractors
  3. Inspecting mosquito traps on a regular interval
  4. Assigning and visualizing work order and project completion status in real-time
  5. Asset protection and rescue operations during a disaster
  6. Invasive weed distribution and treatment status
  7. Inspecting bridges
  8. Crop survey and field observations
  9. Snow plowing and salting operations
  10. Monitoring crop harvest status
  11. Visualizing answers and location from public surveys

For details on setting up Active Map Triggers, AgTerra account holders can learn more in the AgTerra Academy online Help Guide.

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