Customer Spotlight: Beartooth Fertilizer

Chris Skorupa has has been working with AgTerra for nearly a year and has already been making huge strides with the software. Skorupa is the president of Beartooth Fertilizer, a company based out of Roberts, Montana, that specializes in a wide variety of agriculture services from dry fertilizer sales and application to no till drill services and custom grass seed blends, plus much more. Because Skorupa’s company provides services to customers in both Montana and Wyoming, he utilizes maps to keep track of customers, crops, and applications.

Skorupa turned to AgTerra after an unfortunate computer crash led to the loss of map data he was previously keeping in Google Earth Pro. The switch to MapItFast gave him the ability to keep his data in a safe, centralized location while giving him the ability to access it from any desktop or mobile device.

Chris was kind enough to share his story with us, and we are exciting to pass it along to you. Read the full story below.