Strider Gets a Makeover

For current customers, all the convenience and flexibility you’ve grown to love about Strider is still there. We’ve just packed in greater efficiency and even more power. Check out the new Strider Web for yourself.

If you aren’t yet a customer, learn more about Strider to see how electronic forms and automated reporting can streamline your operations.

Here are some of the exciting additions we’ve made:

New Records Management Dashboard

The new Strider home page puts your records in a whole new light. More than just a data table, the Strider Dashboard assembles all your records in one place and is a powerful reporting platform. Now you can manage and discover relationships in your data even better with:

  • Quick Form Selection: Switch between multiple forms on one panel.
  • Column Organization: Select only the columns you want to display, order them any way you see fit, and change the headings to whatever you choose.
  • Records Filtering: Query records using the convenient search bar or by adding filters to individual columns.
  • Records Management: View, edit, and add records directly from the dashboard.
  • Summary Calculations: Summarize column values (sum, average, max, min) in the footer of individual columns.

Form Entry Portal

Experience a whole new and enjoyable way to fill out Strider forms from the web. Based on the mobile-friendly paging format, the new form filler organizes form fields into convenient sections similar to your mobile device. The new form entry system now has:

  • Table of Contents Panel: You know exactly where you are in the form, and you can quickly navigate to relevant sections.
  • Improved Formatting: Field titles, hints and inputs are easier to read.
  • Enhanced Validation: The paging format makes it clear what fields are required to ensure that you capture the data you need.
  • Easy Entry: Add new form entries directly from the Strider Dashboard.

New Features for SprayLogger

Pressure Monitoring

You can now give your applicators the ability to monitor pressure as they spray. Pressure monitoring is used to ensure your equipment is operating properly and the application is in line with your spray rig calibration.

All E3 Series SprayLoggers can be optionally configured to include a dedicated pressure sensor port. The complete pressure package comes with a pressure sensor, wiring and configuration. For more details, send us an email at, or give us a call at (307) 673-1050.

View Job Data Directly in GIS Applications

SprayLogger job data can now be served directly to GIS software such as ArcGIS Pro and QGIS. This optional paid service gives you an additional way to securely share application maps and every spray detail for one or many spray jobs.

To implement this web feature service, SprayLogger administrators select the desired jobs and generate a GIS access code to share with those they choose. End users, whether a SprayLogger customer or not, then use the code to pull job data into GIS software that supports the Web Feature Service (WFS) protocol. Spray and no-spray lines as well as corresponding data are automatically uploaded to the GIS project without the need to manually export and transfer shapefiles.

The WFS sharing method is available for FoggerLogger jobs as well. To learn more about WFS Service, email us at, or give us a call at (307) 673-1050.

Behind the Scenes: Our Programmers at Work for You

What Makes Our Stuff Work?

The world of technology that we live in now is amazing.  We all use mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices daily.  Whether it’s to write an email or navigate to a location, mobile and web applications make everyday communication and activities just a little easier.    Behind all of these complex applications are computer programmers working behind the scenes to keep it all going.

At AgTerra, our software and hardware solutions are developed and maintained by a great group of software developers who tirelessly work to improve the products our customers have come to rely on.

AgTerra’s team of developers focuses on application design, development, debugging, testing and release, all with the end goal of improving and delivering products to help our customers work more efficiently. They are also relentlessly focused on security for the vast amount of customer data that we protect and store in the cloud with a robust back up system so we can safeguard that valuable information.

Software developers often speak in a language only they can understand and that language, or “code” is transformed into  applications that make our lives a bit easier.

When customers have technical problems, the programmers can wear different hats – they can help solve the problem through further explanation and assistance with the technology, or in some cases they must determine what the issue is, often by examining lines of code to find a small error or by constant testing and retesting to see what is working and what isn’t.

Our Team (pictured above from L-R)

Joe has been a software developer at AgTerra for 14 years.  His expertise is implementing and maintaining custom agricultural solutions for our customers.  When he isn’t programming, he loves playing golf with his wife.  He says “she almost always wins but she seldom gloats.”

Ryan has been with AgTerra for 8 years and works in the application development and maintenance side for MapItFast and Strider and also handles much of the data security and storage system.  In his spare time, he enjoys going camping and golfing.

Kyler has been at AgTerra for 3 years and focuses mainly on application development, updates and maintenance for Strider and SprayLogger.  Kyler enjoys deep sea diving as a hobby.

Audrey is completing an internship at AgTerra while she finishes her Master’s Degree in Computer Science.  She has been working on formatting application updates to the MapItFast mobile versions.  Audrey really likes to go fishing in her spare time.

So much goes on behind the scenes to make programs and applications function and provide the services they do.

So, the next time you download a streaming movie, send a text message, or log in to your MapItFast account, remember to silently thank a programmer!

We’re Hiring

AgTerra is looking to add another Software Developer to our growing team.  If you know someone who fits the bill, please share this with them.  Read the job description.

AgTerra Training Conference: We Need Your Input

We want you to be successful.  Part of that success is getting the most out of the products you have purchased from AgTerra.  Sometimes, even a refresher is helpful.  We are constantly making improvments and updates to our software and hardware, so a little bit of training can go a long way to saving you time and improving your efficiency.

We want to figure out the best way to provide this training for you.  Please take a moment to complete this short survey.  Your input will assist us in our planning.  Everyone who completes the survey will be entered to win an Amazon gift card!

Introducing a New AgTerra Team Member

Useful Information


Introducing a New AgTerra Team Member

AgTerra is happy introduce a new member to our team. Danae Brandjord will be overseeing marketing and customer success for all of our products and software. She will be making contact with customers over the next few months, doing her best to get to know the wonderful people we work with on a daily basis.

Please feel free to give her a call or to send an email with any questions or concerns you have.