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AgTerra simplifies mobile GIS, mapping, and data collection from the field.  Everything we build is based upon the philosophy that mapping and recordkeeping should work from the field without a data connection and require virtually no training for field personnel.

How simple?  Imagine a single tap on your familiar phone or tablet to map an object, tap again to fill out a fully customizable form, and save.  That’s it!  In seconds you can do things such as map invasive weeds, dispatch crews, create crop scouting reports, manage a rapidly spreading wildfire and more.  With proper permissions, every piece of information collected is available to your office and customers in real-time.

Focus on the job and not the technology.  AgTerra has the mobile mapping, GIS and tabular data collection tools you need to enable your workforce, increase efficiency, and reduce the cost of wasteful paper data re-entry.  START TODAY FOR FREE or ask for a LIVE DEMO and see for yourself how agriculture and natural resource professionals use AgTerra’s Mobile Solutions to gain competitive advantage with easy GIS mapping, data collection and electronic reporting.

Are You Wasting Time?
Are you expending resources and losing valuable time due to training, double entry and lost records? AgTerra's products greatly simplify and automate data gathering, storage and reporting. Keep a professional image and gain a competitive advantage in your operations. Let us show you how.
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Below are links to just some of the solutions that AgTerra software provides:

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Using MapItFast to map from a mobile device


– One Tap to Map
– Collect, Collaborate, Share
– Work Offline in Remote Areas
– Use with Custom Basemaps
– Calculate Distance and Area

Strider Mobile Reporting

– Work Offline
– Mobile and Web
– No Retyping
– Enterprise Ready
– Unlimited Forms & Reports

TrackItFast Fleet Management


– Vehicle/ Asset Tracking
– Automobiles, Equipment, Trailers
– Live View and Search
– Geofence Based Notifications
– Mobile and Web

Create shapefiles and spray maps


– Log Every Pesticide Application Based on GPS Location
– Create Shapefiles and Maps for Every Job
– Generate Reports and Invoices
– Show Spray and No Spray Tracks
– Provide Secure Access to Others

Easily Map Anything

With a single tap on your mobile phone or tablet, you are mapping right now.  AgTerra software makes GIS, mapping, and data collection easy. Create GIS ready maps complete with points, lines, polygons and geo-tagged photos.  MapItFast is used by professionals around the world for activities such as crop scouting, pesticide applications, site surveys, utilities, infrastructure  maintenance, asset management, forestry, tower inspections, wildland fire support, vegetation management, and much more!  If you need it mapped, MapItFast will do it in one tap.

Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Eliminate the time, errors and cost associated with filling forms by hand and retyping them into a computer.  Bring every form you own and access them from the palm of your hand using your mobile device, online or offline.  Strider Reporting is the flexible and scalable component that you customize to your business, no matter the size.  Convert ANY paper form to an electronic one and automatically centralize all of your data into one place where you can easily manage it from your cloud account using any web browser.

Work Anywhere

Don’t let a bad Internet connection slow you down.  AgTerra’s products enable you to work from anywhere, anytime, offline or online.  Your mobile device has everything you need to map, fill forms, take pictures, create and edit projects, and instantly generate printable reports.  Get started today and map the road to your business success by taking advantage of today’s technology combined with AgTerra’s field tested, widely used, and robust software.

How Others are Using Our Products

For well over a decade AgTerra has been delivering solutions to agriculture and natural resource professionals. Our easy to use, yet powerful tools enable our customers to meet a multitude of field data collection and reporting requirements. Here are some examples:

  • Tracking applied pesticide product, area, species, personnel, and equipment
  • Monitoring wildland fire incident situations and assigned assets
  • Managing crews in an offline environment during mountain pine beetle control efforts
  • Crop consulting field boundary mapping reports
  • Field data collection for water quality and nutrient management
  • Cell tower maintenance record keeping
  • Monitoring rangeland health and meeting NRCS conservation management requirements
  • Mapping vegetation management practices along transportation, utility, railroad and irrigation district right-of-ways.
  • Delivering inventory and inspection forms and reports
  • Documenting oil and gas emergency response plans
  • Automating time sheet and expense reporting
  • Collaborating between the field and the office during environmental engineering surveys
  • Managing critical wildlife management habitat areas (including large animal, raptor, sage grouse)
  • Locating and mitigating emerald ash borer sites
  • Irrigation line planning and mapping for landscaping projects

Used by Natural Resource Professionals Across the Globe

Customer Case Study: San Luis Valley


Before making the switch to SprayLogger Mobile, Costilla County was using Garmin GPS units to collect spray points and lines, then uploading the files to ESRI software. “This was a complicated process because of the conversion of Garmin GPX points to shapefiles with ArcMap. MapItFast puts it all on one platform and seasonal employees only have to use their smartphones.” Costilla County is part of a valley-wide noxious weed management organization called the San Luis Valley Noxious Weed Management Association (SLVWMA).

“The SVLVMA is planning to use MapItFast to universalize the data collection and sharing between all six county weed programs,” Casias said, “As for myself and the Costilla County Noxious Weed Program, my plans for this upcoming season are to hire additional seasonal employees and begin a cost share program.”

“Overall it has been amazing to have a company like AgTerra backing me in my noxious weed management objectives,” he says. “I look forward to increasing my use of the AgTerra products and continuing my relationship with AgTerra.”

Imagine how MapItFast, Strider Reporting, SprayLogger and TrackItFast will help your business!

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