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This form contains lists for applicators, chemicals, and weather details that will require updating before the form can be used to gather actual data. Chemical information (manufacturer and EPA number) […]

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Field surveys are a crucial component of effective Integrated Pest Management efforts. AgTerra’s Weed Survey Package streamlines record keeping for weed surveys with a set of forms, data dictionaries and […]

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The Sage Grouse module consists of six forms and corresponding reports that were designed after the BLM’s Sage Grouse Habitat Assessment Framework. The forms were designed for easy data entry […]

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Keep track of everyday vehicle and equipment maintenance with this simple form. The form captures service date, technician name, equipment serviced, mileage or hours, and service notes. Add your own […]

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The issue form was designed to allow a user to quickly record details about a known hazard or issue.

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This form starts out with a repeat group to capture a photo, GPS location, notes, date and time.

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The NISIMS module consists of a single Strider form for chemical, mechanical, and manual treatment, as well as infestation records. The form will display relevant questions for the the selected […]

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This file can be used as a base for any custom form you wish to build. The spreadsheet contains three metadata fields, a begin and end group row, dropdown lists […]

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Developed in partnership with the Teton Conservation District, this form and associated report give fire prevention teams a powerful tool for reducing wildfire risk. The detailed report provides recommendations to […]

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The work order form is a simple one-page form that can be used to track jobs with a work order ID and status. Integrates with MapItFast to implement active map […]

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Track business or personal expenses including food, lodging, entertainment, fuel, airline fees and more. Expense details are captured in a repeat group for multiple entries and totals are calculated at […]

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This report is designed for use with forms containing repeat groups. Each group is styled as a note pinned to a pinboard. In addition to text-based field data, maps are […]

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Use this form to keep track of staff working in remote locations. A repeat group allows users to record multiple tasks throughout the day. The form is configurable to your […]

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The vegetation survey form is designed to gather transect information for grassland, shrubland, woodland and other vegetation types. Cover hits and belt hit data is collected in repeat groups and […]

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Integrate your pest management program with AgTerra’s Mosquito Control tool set. MapItFast’s mobile mapping power and Strider’s electronic forms and reporting combine to help you manage trap monitoring, service requests, […]

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Now includes Mosquito Service Request public form!

Customer contact information is auto-filled from a separate CSV file. If a report is built for this form, it can be auto-emailed to a specified address (such as the office) […]

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The Rangeland Management Module for MapItFast gives you all the tools you need to digitize your long- and short-term monitoring protocol. Activated through MapItFast, all the forms you use to track […]

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The tree survey form can be used to track and monitor tree type, size, condition, symptoms of disease or pests as well as recommended measures for mitigation.

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The landscaping package is a great way for lawn and property care business managers to keep track of all your customer jobs right from your desktop. Create a project in […]

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The crop scouting package includes two forms and an active map trigger. The first form is used by scouts to collect information about crop health, stand counts, weed intensity, pests, […]

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