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The training experts at AgTerra know the key to using our products successfully is proper training. We strive to develop easy to follow guides and videos that will help all learning types understand fundamental and advanced concepts with ease. Should you require additional assistance, please call us at 307-673-1050 and ask for personalized support.

How to use these training videos

Users starting out for the first time will get the most out of the training videos if they start from the top and move in sequential order. The lessons are designed to build upon each other until mastery is achieved.

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Your customers demand accountability and you need to know. SprayLogger Mobile is the system that let you keep working in the field instead of at your desk creating reports and generating maps. Your applicators do not need to change the way they spray and you do not need a GIS expert on staff. You’ll create the professional reports and maps you need in a fraction of the time so you have more spray time and less time.

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