Package Contents

Strider Forms
Weed Identifier Form
Data Dictionaries
Registered Invasives Dictionary
Active Map Triggers
Treatment Recommendation Trigger, Pest Type Trigger
Public Forms
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Field surveys are a crucial component of effective Integrated Pest Management efforts. AgTerra’s Weed Survey Package streamlines record keeping for weed surveys with a set of forms, data dictionaries and active map triggers. Fully integrated with MapItFast, the Weed Survey Package frees up your time to control the weeds.

Weed Identifier Form

The Weed Identifier form allows field technicians to quickly record observations of weeds while out in the field. The form starts with a selection of weed flower color, and the weed selection choice is filtered based on color choice. This makes it easy for field users to pick out their weed, even when they aren’t identification experts.

Once the weed species is selected, dropdown fields are available to indicate the scope of the infestation, its density and recommended interventions.

The Weed Identifier form can be customized to include a list of weed species pertinent to your team.

Registered Invasives Dictionary

Systematize weed mapping by establishing a list of pre-defined weed names and styles. Field users simply select the appropriate choice from their dictionary and MapItFast fills in the object name and styles automatically. This saves time and ensures uniformity in your weed surveys across individuals and projects.

The Registered Invasives Dictionary defines a list of the common weeds for your state or region. It associates a numbered icon with each weed type for easy reference. You supply AgTerra with your preferred list, and we’ll load the dictionary into your account.

Treatment Recommendation Trigger

Help coordinate treatment efforts with Strider Active Map Triggers. Triggers will change the styling of map objects on the basis of form field values. You simply attach a form to any map object (point, line or polygon) and fill it out. The object style will change automatically based on the rules set up in the trigger.

The Treatment Recommendation Trigger connects to the Weed Identifier form. When the survey form is filled out, the user can select what treatment is recommended (if any). The map object will change color to signify this recommendation. That way, the treatment crew can quickly see what locations they need to target.

Report-A-Pest Public Form

Introducing a new way to gather data for your business operations. With Strider Public Forms, customers and community members can submit forms to you from any web or mobile browser, whether they have an AgTerra account or not.

You simply share a public link to your form by email or by embedding the form in your website. Public submissions are securely stored right alongside your other Strider records for centralized review and export.

The Report-A-Pest form is a tool for crowdsourcing weed survey work. It is a simple form that allows the user to provide contact information and details for a weed they came across including location, picture, description, and species selection.

The Report-A-Pest form also comes with a PDF report. This report displays the details of the pest report including any photo that is included and the report location on an embedded map. This report, which is automatically emailed to the submitter, serves as a confirmation that the submission was received.

Pest Type Trigger

The Report-A-Pest form includes an Active Map Trigger that is tied to the Pest Type field. Any map object that this form is attached to will be styled to indicate what type of pest was reported. This trigger can help pest control managers determine how to address reports that come in from the public.