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Strider Forms
Site Information, Cover by Lifeform, Cover by Lifeform Transects, Permanent Photo Point, Landscape Appearance, Grazing Response Index, Stubble Height Greenline/Streamline Stability, Robel Pole Method, Monitoring Study Worksheets, Cover Frequency, Transect Forms
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The Rangeland Management Module for MapItFast gives you all the tools you need to digitize your long- and short-term monitoring protocol. Activated through MapItFast, all the forms you use to track and analyze management practices are available in the palm of your hand, even in the most remote environments. No cellular data or Internet connection is necessary.

Developed using standards set forth in the Wyoming Rangeland Monitoring Guide, AgTerra’s Rangeland Management Module loads 12 forms into your account for use in any MapItFast project.

Any number of the module’s pre-installed forms can be attached to any mapped object. Photos taken from your mobile device and attached to the same objects further enhance your picture of the land.

Mapped data and forms are automatically synchronized to a cloud account that is accessible on any Internet browser by users with the proper permissions. Authorized users may export the data for use in other database and GIS systems and create printable reports and maps that include photos, signatures, business logos and more.

The mobile solution replaces paper forms and delivers more accurate data, streamlined workflow, and automated reporting. Intelligent mobile forms use advanced form controls to simplify the data collection process.