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Strider Forms
Landscaping Job, Equipment Maintenance
Active Map Triggers
Job Status, Job Due (Time-based)
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The landscaping package is a great way for lawn and property care business managers to keep track of all your customer jobs right from your desktop. Create a project in MapItFast and place points or polygons for all the properties you manage. Then attach the Landscaping Job form to record active and finished jobs. The map object will change color to indicate the status of any jobs on the property and when it is due for a new job.

Landscaping Job Form

The landscaping job form allows the user to select a job status and employee who is performing the job. They can then fill in customer information to facilitate billing. The rest of the form is used to record details about the job. Select the program that the job falls under and then choose the service performed. The list of services is dynamic based on the program choice. The form comes supplied with a set of programs and services, but you can easily modify these to meet your business options. Record information about weather conditions, chemical application details, and general notes and a photo to round out the form.

Equipment Maintenance Form

Keep a maintenance record for all the equipment in your fleet. Scan a barcode on the equipment to pull up a maintenance checklist specific to that vehicle. Then quickly check off all the maintenance items performed. The inspector can sign the form to add accountability for this important side of landscaping business operations.

The equipment maintenance form comes pre-built with maintenance checklists for backhoes and skidsteer loaders. Use these as a model to build your own checklists for other equipment in your fleet. An external CSV file allows you to easily update your equipment list without touching the form at all.

Active Map Triggers

There are two triggers associated with the landscaping job form. The first will update map object colors based on the status of the job. This allows managers to see at a glance what jobs have been started and where they are in the pipeline. The second is a time-based trigger tied to the Job Date field. The trigger is set to change the map object to red when 30 days have passed from the last job date for the property. You can modify this time frame to match your scheduling.