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AgTerra August Announcement Newsletter

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Subject:Putting a target on mosquitoes
Preheader:MapItFast and SprayLogger proven powerful in municipal mosquito management strategy
This month we’re featuring a story from an organization right here in Sheridan, Wyoming. We thought you’d also be interested learning about some of the latest improvements AgTerra is making for our customers, including SprayLogger updates and developments for Apple users. Take a minute to read the latest on our products that help you keep the competitive edge.
City of Sheridan Effectively Targets Mosquitoes
with MapItFast and SprayLogger
In the spring of 2016, Chad Franklin with the City of Sheridan’s recreation department contacted AgTerra to see how their products could help him better manage the city’s mosquito program. After a tour of AgTerra’s facility and a demonstration of their products, Franklin made the decision to purchase an AgTerra SprayLogger and MapItFast system with the intent of mapping and reporting from his mosquito fogger truck.  But, the results have exceeded expectations.
“When I first came across the SprayLogger and MapItFast products from AgTerra, I knew that I had found what I was looking for to accurately and effectively track and record the information I needed.” – Chad Franklin
For more information about MapItFast,
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SprayLogger Update:
Multi-Flow Now Available on E3 Units

The initial release of the SprayLogger E3 boasted the unit’s ability to read multiple booms simultaneously.  Now, AgTerra has taken the E3 one step further by enabling the unit to read, record and map up to three flow sensors simultaneously!

Applicators using dedicated chemical tanks or those with carrier streams that require individual recording from each tank will benefit greatly from this new feature. Additionally, the update will make it easier than ever to track spray on vehicles that do both nozzle and hose reel spraying.  A large flow sensor can be used to record the nozzle spray while the small flow sensor records hose reel work.  The E3 can now track both at the same time – no re-calibration needed!
For more information on how to set up your multi-port SprayLogger E3 unit with the new settings or upgrade your single port box, call AgTerra today at (307) 673-1050 or email us at
Strider Reporting for Apple is Here!

AgTerra is proud to announce the release of Strider forms for use with the MapItFast app on Apple devices. Now, Apple users are fully empowered to quickly deploy customized forms that work anywhere.
Strider electronic forms and reporting is a part of the MapItFast software suite that further simplifies data collection and allows users to gather data on forms custom built by you. Furthermore, all the data is automatically centralized in one location.  Printable reports, complete with company logos, tables, maps, photos, etc., can be generated from your MapItFast account and even automatically emailed by users working in the field.  There is no faster or easier way to collect, report, and advance the professional image of your organization- now on Android and Apple!
You can find more information about Strider Forms and Reports  at
Do You Know These MapItFast Tips and Tricks?

Quite Simply, MapItFast lets you quickly map points, lines, polygons and geophotos in a single tap. But did you know MapItFast can also:
  • Track your route throughout the day with battery-saving GPX tracks.
  • Use a data dictionary to name and assign an unique color or icon to a point, line or polygon.
  • Pause data synchronization when cell coverage is spotty.
  • Show map coordinates in four different formats.
Visit this blog post to learn more about these unique MapItFast features.
For more information on Strider, 
call AgTerra today at 307-673-1050.
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