Useful Information


What is SnapMapper?

SnapMapper can be used to easily track and record all equipment activity. It works with nearly any button, lever or switch on a piece of equipment and automatically communicates with the MapItFast app to map locations where equipment activity has occurred.  SnapMapper can be used for:

Vegetation Management
Track and map equipment activity and employee work along utility corridors, roadways, railroads, canal and drainage systems, within recreational park facilities and more.

Commercial Agriculture
Easily track planting, fertilizing, harvest operation status across multiple fields in a growing area.

Instantly monitor project progress for equipment performing snow removal, plowing, sanding, salting, street sweeping, mowing and more.

Monitor reclamation work such as reseeding and show where all work was performed.

With all of these possibilities you are also able to monitor the activity from a big screen in the office connected to the internet. You will be able to provide detailed printable reports or online access to contractors to the jobs you wish to share. You can also electronically complete work orders, fill work detail reports, and timesheets.

With SnapMapper, equipment operators can focus on doing their job, not on using technology. Installation is simple – you connect SnapMapper to any button, switch or lever. Once connected, with a single tap in your MapItFast app you will be instantly mapping.

SnapMapper is pocket sized and powered by USB so it is portable and can be easily moved to different pieces of equipment as needed.

Does some of your work take you places where there is no cell phone or wireless coverage? No problem – SnapMapper can work anywhere you do. Once you are back in range, the collected data will automatically upload to your secure web-based account.

Contact us today to learn more or for a free demo and start tracking all of your equipment!