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How to Keep it All in Sync

AgTerra’s products are designed to keep your map data, form data and spray data all in one place on a secure server. The sharing of data between a mobile device and your organization’s database is as simple as ensuring the device has an Internet connection and letting MapItFast do the rest. Sometimes however, additional factors may come into play and affect how data is shared between a mobile device and the database. Below are some suggestions that can help if you notice data isn’t making it off the device and onto the website.

Simultaneous User Logins – If the same username and password is used to log into another mobile device, MapItFast will detect the new login and all other devices currently using these credentials will be logged out of the MapItFast app. If the user is not aware that this has happened, the app will continue to allow them to collect map data, but none of the changes will sync with the server.

Try this: In most cases, the user will get a pop-up window in the app with a message saying that another device has logged in with the same user credentials. If you do not see this message but your data is still not syncing, check the app status in the lower left corner of the MapItFast screen. If it says “Not Logged In. Login Failed” your device will not be 

Simultaneous Object Editing -When a map object gets edited by two users (either on the computer or on the app) within minutes of each other, the MapItFast app will notice the data conflict and alert the user. Since the data came into the database at about the same time, a notification will appear in the MapItFast app and ask the user if they want to apply the changes they made or leave the object as it is currently on the server.

Solution: Verify whether your changes can override the information currently on the server. If you want to apply your changes, tap the ‘Use This’ button under My Data. Otherwise, select the Server Data option to disregard your changes. The conflict message will go away. If you still see a yellow triangle on the bottom of the screen after clearing the message, try closing MapItFast and re-opening it. The he icon should now be gone.

Limited Internet/Data Connection – When working in remote areas, a devices with a data plan may occasionally have a weak data connection (or no connection) for transferring data to the server.  When this happens, your map data and current user location may not show up right away on other user’s devices or on the website dashboard.

Try this: If you know that a location is going to have a spotty data connection, you can opt to turn off synchronization until you’re back in an area with a good Internet connection. This setting is found in the Settings menu of MapItFast under Sync Settings. Simply, uncheck the box next “Enable Synchronization” and collect data as usual. When you get back to an area with a strong Internet connection, simply re-check the box to enable synchronization and MapItFast will push your collected data to the server.

Not enough time to sync – If a device has been used to collect a large amount of photos, forms, and/or spray data while offline, the data can get “backed up” and it may take a while for all of the data to show up on the desktop.

Try this: Make sure your device is connected to a strong, reliable Internet source, then open the MapItFast project you wish to sync. Allow the device to sit with the project open for at least 15 minutes. After this time has elapsed, check the project on the MapItFast website to see if the project data has come through. Large projects with many photos or forms may take even longer to sync.

Device hardware issue – Although it is a rare occurrence, mobile devices can sometimes run into unexplained internal errors that can cause performance issues in apps. If an app is simply not responding in an expected way or an expected error message occurs, the solution may be as simple a simple as rebooting the device.

Try this: Shut down your device completely (not just a restart), wait ten seconds, then turn it on again. This simple act of starting the device fresh can often help clear out errors that cannot be resolved with any other suggestions described in this post.

Follow these troubleshooting tips to make sure your MapItFast data gets where it needs to go, every time!