Spray season is over and it is time to store your SprayLogger equipment. But, how do you do it properly to insure that it will be ready to go for next season? Be safe and make sure you are up and operating right away next spring by unplugging wires, flushing flow meters, storing equipment properly. Below are some tips to make sure you are not wasting time and money in the spring because of poor practices.

Unplug Wires from Components

Disconnect wires from all removable components such as data loggers, GPS units and flow meters in some circumstances. If kept on a vehicle, it is advised that SprayLogger units be kept in the cab.

Charge the SprayLogger Units

First generation SprayLogger units should be charged during the winter months for at least 15 minutes per month. SprayLogger Mobile units may be placed in storage during the winter.

Store in a Dry Location

Disconnected components should be packed in plastic bags and stored in a dry location. If packing first generation SprayLogger make sure it is accessible for charging once per month.

Flush Flow Meters

Flow meters should be thoroughly flushed with clean water and dried, this is especially important for impeller and paddle based units with moving parts. Improper cleaning will lock and damage the unit.

Proper Winter Storage of SprayLogger Units and Components

When possible, wired SprayLogger components should be disconnected, cleaned and placed into storage bags for safe keeping during the winter months. If possible, storage should be a dry, temperature controlled environment.

Winter Charging

SprayLogger units come in two models, SprayLogger and SprayLogger Mobile. First SprayLogger units require charging during the winter months to prevent battery failure. If leaving the unit in the vehicle make sure it is in the cab and out of the elements. Make sure the unit is connected to vehicle power and charged for at least 15 minutes per storage month.

Agterra also offers a wall charger for convenience so that SprayLogger units may be brought inside for winter storage. Units may remain plugged into the smart charger during the winter or charged on a maintenance schedule once a month.

Proper Winter Storage of SprayLogger Units and Components

Flow meters can vary greatly from unit to unit and it is important to properly maintain them during the winter for continued use in the spring. In many circumstances meters will have moving components, it is critical that those parts are flushed with clean water to remove any product residue that may cause fouling. If left unattended, settling can occur in the internal workings and a cement-like compound can form, rendering the unit inoperable.

If you have questions concerning your SprayLogger system and how to fully winterize it call or email AgTerra today and we will walk you through the process to ensure continued use of your products.