Four signs you need a new phone or tablet

As more and more mobile devices are being equipped with longer battery life and better internal components, we’ve noticed users are hanging onto their devices longer and longer. Unfortunately, the world of mobile device manufacturers and app developers continue to move at a breakneck pace, making many phones and tablets nearly obsolete in just a few years. If you’ve been hanging onto a device that is several years old but still seems to do the job, read on to see if it might be a candidate for an upgrade.

1. You can't upgrade to the latest operating system

Once your device no longer receives updates from the manufacturer, it means that the device is reaching the end of its life. If a phone or tablet is more than one or two operating systems behind the latest one, there’s a good chance the manufacturer no longer supports your device.  You will find that apps don’t work as well as they used to on the device, or that you can’t install certain apps at all.

This Wikipedia article shows the latest supported operating systems for Android. If your device is on Version 6.0 or earlier and you do not have an option to update the device, you will want to consider upgrading.

Apple users will want to make sure their devices are on iOS version 12.3.1 or greater. This article shows the current supported and discontinued versions.

Latest Operating System Versions

Android: 9.0

iOS: 12.3.2

2. You can't install security patches

If you are no longer receiving operating system updates, it also means that your device isn’t receiving security updates to keep your device and data safe. This is especially important for those who travel and often connect to public Wi-Fi connections.

3. Apps seem to crash more often

App developers can’t support every operating system out there, so they usually focus on optimizing apps for the latest ones. If you notice apps are running slower than normal or even crashing on your device, it’s a sign that your phone or tablet has fallen behind and can no longer support the more advanced features built into today’s apps.

4. The battery life isn't what it used to be

A telltale sign – and often the most frustrating – is shorter battery life. If it feels like you have to constantly keep your phone or tablet tethered to a charging cable, it’s a sign that your device is getting old.

Even if your device has a removable battery, you can use the telltale signs mentioned above to help you determine whether or not it’s a good idea to replace the battery or replace the device altogether.

Recommended Devices

Samsung devices are highly recommended, however not all Samsung devices are created equal. While there are several lower-cost models on the market today, the smaller price tag often means low-quality internal components leading to a poor user experience. Try to stick with higher-end models when possible.

Devices that have been tested and proven with MapItFast and Strider

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