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Determining Which Flow Sensor is Right for You

Your SprayLogger unit comes prepackaged with a high quality Sika flow sensor, however we are frequently asked questions about what other flow sensors should be used with SprayLogger.  To help you with your decision-making process we’ve put together a table.

View a Table Comparing Flow Sensors Used with SprayLogger

Things to Consider

When considering which flow sensor is right for your needs, ask yourself the following questions:

1) What is your minimum and maximum flow rate in gallons per minute (GPM)?  If you don’t know the answer to this, simply fill a bucket to a known level and time it.  If your tank is accurate enough, you can also determine GPM by calculating the number of gallons used over a period of time while operating your nozzles.  Your calculations should be done using the slowest rate you intend to spray and the highest rate.

2) Do you spray wettable powders frequently?  If you are spraying clay-based or other materials that are suspended in solution (rather than dissolved) you may have issues with turbine based sensors becoming stuck and broken if they are not properly cleaned after every application and they become “cemented.”  Consider using an electro-magnetic sensor instead which has no moving parts.

3) What is your budget?  At AgTerra we only offer flow sensors with a proven track record for performance and durability.  Lower cost sensors made out of brass should provide you with at least three years of reliable use (probably many more with good care), while stainless steel sensors and electro-magnetic sensors will last even longer because of better materials and no moving parts, respectively.

4) Still not sure? Contact us and we’ll help answer your questions and guide you to the right sensor for your needs.