Asked & Answered: What Are People Asking Us About?

Find out answers to questions you might have.

We’ve compiled a few commonly-asked questions along with our responses to help customers gain a better understanding of MapItFast and SprayLogger.

Why is my MapItFast app showing “Not Logged In” when I didn’t log out?

Make sure you are not using the same username and password as other people.  A MapItFast user license does not allow for simultaneous usage, so if another user recently logged in with the same username and password, your device was logged out. Setting up one user license per device will avoid the issue of a device getting unexpectedly logged out of MapItFast.

Why don’t I see my SprayLogger box listed in the SprayLogger menu on my app?

Make sure your SprayLogger unit is paired with your device via Bluetooth. If you have a new mobile device or you are connecting to a SprayLogger box for the first time, you may still need to pair the device via Bluetooth. This is done by going to Connections in your device settings menu (not the MapitFast app). Make sure Bluetooth is turned on, then search for available devices. When your device detects the SprayLogger box, you can select it to pair the device. Once the box is paired, you can return to MapItFast and the box should now show up in the SprayLogger dropdown menu.

How can I set a trigger on my form so the icon on the map changes when a value in the form is changed?

The Active Map Trigger feature works well with work order forms such as spray applications and repair tickets to give a visual, real-time status update of a MapItFast project. For example, a user could fill out a form with an Active Map Trigger to indicate an open work ticket, which a user in the field can edit and mark “complete” once the job is finished. The map trigger will automatically use the status of that form to change the color of the associated point, line or icon to show the current status of the work ticket.

Find out how to set up and use Active Map Triggers by watching this helpful video

What are Default Project Permissions in MapItFast?

When users create a new project, it’s not automatically visible to others until an administrator changes permissions for that project. This can become a hassle if users are creating projects on a daily basis and the administrator isn’t able to update the permissions right away. To help with this, we’ve set up the Default Permissions option in the MapItFast website. This page is located under the Users button and is only visible to account administrators.

To set default permissions, simply click “Add New” and choose the group or user to which to apply the settings. Setting the permissions for a group will make projects created by anyone in the group visible to others in the group and setting the permissions for a user will make any projects created by that user visible to the users specified in the default permission settings.

Will my SprayLogger or SnapMapper work with an iPhone?

Not at this time. We hope that this will be a possibility in the future, however our data logger hardware is currently only compatible with Android devices.