Active Map Triggers

Active map triggers give administrators and users a visual way to stay up-to-date on shared MapItFast projects. The trigger indicates a status change by modifying the appearance of map objects as forms get updated in the field. Now administrators can indicate objects that need attention, and field workers can inform the home office when tasks have been completed, all in real-time.

Active map triggers are are easy to implement from the Strider website. Follow the steps below to set up a map trigger:

  1. Active map triggers use a data field in a Strider form to change the icon type or color of an object on the map. First, decide which field will “trigger” the change and design your form accordingly.

    Tip: Active map triggers work best with a question that has a list of ‘select_one’ choices. This will ensure that your trigger is consistent each time the form is filled out.

  2. Upload the form to Strider and make sure that it is MapItFast enabled. By default, new forms are only Strider enabled. To change this, click ‘Edit’ next to the form name in Form Management and change the Type from “Strider” to “MapItFast and Strider.”
  3. Go to Active Map Triggers under the Forms & Reports tab in Strider. Click the ‘Create New’ button to add your new trigger and set its properties.
  4. Set the parameters for your new map trigger.
    • Symbology Trigger Name: Give your trigger a name
    • Form Name: Choose the form that contains the question you wish to use as the trigger
    • Form Data Field: find the database name of the desired question
    • Value: Once you select the form data field, all applicable values will be populated in the table below. Click on the point icon, polygon and line color boxes to change them to your desired icon/color for each value.


  5. Make sure to save your trigger. Now, as forms are filled out in MapItFast, map objects will change to match these settings.
  6. Open the MapItFast app and wait about 10-15 minutes to ensure that the active map trigger settings are synced from the server.
  7. Tap on a point, line or polygon and then Add Form. Choose the appropriate form from the list and fill it out. After you have saved the form, wait a moment for the icon to change. The icon or object will change to match what was assigned in the Active Map Triggers page in Strider.

    Note: It will take a moment for the icon and colors to change after the form is saved. This is usually a matter of seconds on the website and slightly longer on the app.


  • Each map icon will display the most recent map trigger applied. For example, if two forms are set up with map triggers and an object has a record filled out for each form, it will change to match the trigger associated with the form that was last saved or edited.
  • Only one map trigger may currently be associated with a form at a time. Additional triggers, if added, will not work in MapItFast.

Check out the video below for a complete tutorial on Active Map Triggers