What Makes Our Stuff Work?

The world of technology that we live in now is amazing.  We all use mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices daily.  Whether it’s to write an email or navigate to a location, mobile and web applications make everyday communication and activities just a little easier.    Behind all of these complex applications are computer programmers working behind the scenes to keep it all going.

At AgTerra, our software and hardware solutions are developed and maintained by a great group of software developers who tirelessly work to improve the products our customers have come to rely on.

AgTerra’s team of developers focuses on application design, development, debugging, testing and release, all with the end goal of improving and delivering products to help our customers work more efficiently. They are also relentlessly focused on security for the vast amount of customer data that we protect and store in the cloud with a robust back up system so we can safeguard that valuable information.

Software developers often speak in a language only they can understand and that language, or “code” is transformed into  applications that make our lives a bit easier.

When customers have technical problems, the programmers can wear different hats – they can help solve the problem through further explanation and assistance with the technology, or in some cases they must determine what the issue is, often by examining lines of code to find a small error or by constant testing and retesting to see what is working and what isn’t.

Our Team (pictured above from L-R)

Joe has been a software developer at AgTerra for 14 years.  His expertise is implementing and maintaining custom agricultural solutions for our customers.  When he isn’t programming, he loves playing golf with his wife.  He says “she almost always wins but she seldom gloats.”

Ryan has been with AgTerra for 8 years and works in the application development and maintenance side for MapItFast and Strider and also handles much of the data security and storage system.  In his spare time, he enjoys going camping and golfing.

Kyler has been at AgTerra for 3 years and focuses mainly on application development, updates and maintenance for Strider and SprayLogger.  Kyler enjoys deep sea diving as a hobby.

Audrey is completing an internship at AgTerra while she finishes her Master’s Degree in Computer Science.  She has been working on formatting application updates to the MapItFast mobile versions.  Audrey really likes to go fishing in her spare time.

So much goes on behind the scenes to make programs and applications function and provide the services they do.

So, the next time you download a streaming movie, send a text message, or log in to your MapItFast account, remember to silently thank a programmer!

We’re Hiring

AgTerra is looking to add another Software Developer to our growing team.  If you know someone who fits the bill, please share this with them.  Read the job description.