Tracking and Reporting is a Breeze
at Barnes County Weed Control

Barnes County Weed Control employee Nick uses MapItFast on his tablet to map weed locations and areas that he shares with his Board and County Commissioners.

The weed crew at Barnes County Weed Control in Valley City, North Dakota uses SprayLogger and MapItFast to help them do their job. With these tools, they can scout weeds, calculate acreage, map out areas of weed infestation and track every drop of chemical that is used in spray applications.

According to Jamen Windish, weed control officer for Barnes County, these products have helped make tracking and recording all of their weed spraying activity much easier. Besides tracking critical chemical information, Jamen’s SprayLogger equipment tracks the time, date, temperature, wind speed and wind direction for every application. The moving map displayed on their devices helps them spray straight spray lines in fields and road ditches.

“It’s really made our life a lot easier,” Jamen said.

Jamen must provide detailed reports of their activities to the Barnes County Board. AgTerra’s complete data solution makes this a quick and easy task.

Jamen told us how easy it is to share the details of their work with others who need to know.

“Our state Ag Inspector recently came to check our records and he was very impressed with your [AgTerra’s] system,” he said.

AgTerra’s system has also helped Jamen with the process of bringing on new employees. Jamen explained that giving a new user their tablet and showing them how to use the system is much easier than trying to get them acquainted with a paper map.

Strider is a mobile form and reporting system that works in conjunction with MapItFast to create customized reports electronically. Jamen said they have plans to expand their use of the system into Strider and he’s looking forward to taking record-keeping to the next level with this feature.

“It’s been a good system for us. I’m very pleased,” he said.

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