AgTerra Brand Guide

Follow these guidelines when referencing AgTerra and AgTerra products in print or digital communications.


Refer to the company either as AgTerra Technologies, Inc. or AgTerra. Both the A and the T in AgTerra should be capitalized.

  • MapItFast is all one word. The M, I, and F should all be capitalized.
  • Strider Forms and Reporting can alternatively be referred to as Strider Forms or just Strider.
  • SprayLogger is one word. Both the S and L should be capitalized.
  • FoggerLogger is one word. Both the F and L should be capitalized.
  • SnapMapper is one word. Both the S and M should be capitalized.


Use the AgTerra logo below in any communication that references the company. Use the product logos for communication that is specific to that product. Ensure that the aspect ratio of the original image is retained. The images provided can be scaled down as appropriate. For higher resolution images, contact AgTerra.


Draw from the color palette below for any design elements in the communication.