APIs are available for MapItFast, Strider and SprayLogger to help seamlessly tie data with your internal systems.

The API’s query data uses scripts and programs. This will allow you to import data into a back-end database, make changes to your forms or maps on a regular basis, or even help integrate with many third party systems.

The ASP.NET projects were built using Visual Studio 2013 and ASP.NET 4.5.1. They also use the Newtonsoft JSON package to easily encode and decode objects.

MapItFast API

With the MapItFast REST API we allow administrators to access Point, Line, Polygon, Picture and Project data.

Strider Reporting API

The Strider REST API will let you access your records and even filter by elements in your form. You can also Add, Update and Delete records for any form. Details of how the REST API works is in the API Presentation. More documentation is coming soon.

SprayLogger API

SprayLogger APIs are available that enable you to integrate data from SprayLogger (including map data, chemicals used, application details such as targets, weather, applicators, rigs, etc.) with existing geodatabases and reporting systems.  An API is also available to directly tie SprayLogger data with the BLM NISIMS treatment database.