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Solutions for Vegetation Management

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Your Custom Solution
for Vegetation Management Data Collection

AgTerra’s software serves as a powerful tool in roadside Right of Way (ROW) maintenance, transmission, oil and gas pipeline, utility substations, and tower and railway vegetation management work.  But did you know that we go beyond just mapping and reporting?  We can build custom solutions that help manage crews, record activities, and generate reports from remote work sites. Our mobile and web-based solutions can improve your overall efficiency in many areas.  They even integrate with pre-existing systems.

AgTerra has electronic forms for inspections, work assignments, job costing, work progress, compliance and more.  Customized reporting is included.  Associated reports may include photos, maps and signatures that can be created online or while working in the field in disconnected environments.

An Integrated Roadside Vegetation Management (IRVM) Approach

Many companies and organizations use an IRVM approach to managing vegetation.  This approach incorporates a variety of tools used to establish safe, functional roadsides.

AgTerra’s software makes IRVM data collection easy and efficient.

Create, share, track, plan, schedule and audit vegetation work

Control costs and improve productivity

Utility Vegetation Management

Work remotely in a fully disconnected environment

Manage projects with user control and project permissions

Comprehensive Vegetation Management Software

We deliver dynamic software solutions customized specifically toward vegetation management reporting requirements.  MapItFast combined with Strider Reporting streamlines information exchange among managers, employees and contractors.  Supervisors and crews are empowered with mapping and work management tools that increase the accuracy of reporting.

An Integrated Vegetation Management Solution will help you…

  • Manage dangerous trees, damage assessment and removals
  • Track herbicide application, line clearing and trimming locations
  • Direct crews to job location
  • Communicate access points, restrictions and no-work areas
  • Document who, what, where, and when
  • Track work progress on a live color-coded map
  • Access maps and records in real-time from the field and the office
  • Email reports with logos, maps, photos, signatures and more from the field
  • Generate timesheets and summarize work
  • Maintain historical records for compliance and multi-year maintenance programs

All data collected within the desktop and mobile framework environments can be integrated into 3rd party GIS and database systems using PDF, XLS, XML, SHP, KMZ, or the API.

Utility Vegetation Management

AgTerra’s Hardware
Further Simplifies Operations

While AgTerra’s software is powerful and scalable, our hardware makes vegetation management operation record-keeping even simpler.  SprayLogger captures and maps spray and no-spray herbicide applications from vehicles and backpacks.  SnapMapper automatically maps equipment operations performed with the flip of a switch or the press of a button.  TrackItFast enables fleet management and asset tracking capabilities.  AgTerra’s hardware plugs into AgTerra’s MapItFast software to combine the power of mapping and reporting software with super simple data capturing hardware.  AgTerra also offers customized software development tailored to vegetation management to meet specific operations requirements. 

Our Projects Include:

checkChemical inventory and tracking systems
checkWork order development and assignment
checkPrescription programs
checkOn call treatment
checkSchedule reporting
checkAbatement reporting
checkAgricultural WPS (including REI controls)
checkInvasive species mapping with BLM NISIMS

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For well over a decade AgTerra has enabled natural resource professionals to simplify data collection and reporting while delivering greater value to their customers.  How can we help you?  Contact us today and let us help you learn how easy and affordable our technology can be for your workforce and operations.