TrackItFast: Asset and Fleet Management Solutions

More Than Just Fleet Management

TrackItFast works with MapItFast to take fleet management to a new level.

TrackItFast is the All-in-One Asset Management System that tracks your fleet and delivers other mapping and data collection operations at the same time.  Because TrackItFast works in conjunction with MapItFast, your operation has real-time fleet visibility and no special software to install. View your assets and cargo data in real time while handling paperwork and mapping functions electronically.  It works from your favorite web browser or on your mobile device.

Empower your business and enable drivers to electronically fill out forms and generate reports directly from their mobile devices or the web.  With TrackItFast you can quickly dispatch crews and fill forms while working on location.  Geo-fence controls and alerts keep you constantly informed of all activities that are automatically updated on regular intervals.

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TrackItFast Fleet Management Solutions

Why You Need GPS Fleet Tracking


FULL TIME VEHICLE / ASSET VISUAL TRACKING: Know where your drivers and assets are at all times. Stay connected and aware from anywhere.


LABOR MANAGEMENT: Curb fraudulent time card abuse.


INCREASE FUEL EFFICIENCY: Decrease fuel consumption and get better miles per gallon. An idle vehicle is a wasteful burden, keep it and your assets working.


MOBILE MONITORING: See where your fleet and assets are in real time from your mobile device.


SEARCHABLE DATA: Track, create and share vital fleet information and metrics that will increase the efficiency of your business.


INCREASED CUSTOMER SERVICE: Keep customers happy with proactive fleet management and tracking.


FLEET AND CARGO SECURITY: Never wonder who has your cargo and if it’s safe. Keep your staff, equipment and load secure with 24/7 monitoring.


ALWAYS ON: Show asset location and event details if data connection is lost and then re-established.


MAINTENANCE SAVINGS: Increase the life of your fleet with easy maintenance reporting.


AUTOMATIC FLEET NOTIFICATIONS: Automatic notification when an asset enters/exits a geo-fence.

Advanced Data Capture and Automated Reporting for Increased Productivity and Savings

- Customized to Operation Collection Requirements
- Real Time Synchronization
- Capture/Modify Online or Via Mobile Devices
- Advanced Query and Drilldown
- Includes Printable Reports
- Integrates with Existing Database Systems

Increase Efficiency with Real-Time Mapping

  • Interactive Mapping Dashboard with Custom Data Layers
  • Asset Management Controls
  • System Status and Location with Audible Alerts (based on geo-fence)
  • Communication and Dispatch
  • Synchronized Data Input
  • Integrate with Backend Database / GIS
  • Printable and  Automated Reporting
  • Easy Fill Electronic Forms (mobile or web)
  • Roles and Permissions Administration

TrackItFast Components

  • MapItFast – Core Component for Mobile Mapping, Viewing Maps and Managing Projects and Users
  • Strider– Add-On for Form Filling and Reporting
  • TrackItFast – Add-On to MapItFast for Vehicle Tracking
  • GPS Tracker(s)
    • Vehicle Tracker – GPS device (OBDII)
    • Trailer Tracker – GPS device installed on trailer

Upgrade your current MapItFast / Strider Package to include TrackItFast, a sim card and cellular data plan for only $35 a month after equipment.