Strider Mobile Reporting Forms Automation Software

Easy Mobile Forms and Reporting

Quickly Deploy Customized Forms That Work Anywhere

Strider Reporting software is a mobile and cloud based system that combines field data collection from anywhere with automated forms and reporting.  No special design software is needed. Using Strider, your electronic forms include powerful functions and numerous controls that make data collection quick and easy for everyone in the organization.

Strider Reporting helps you make informed decisions because it enables field crews to easily gather more accurate information that is immediately centralized.  Strider is more powerful than filling paper forms and will replace any paperwork process.  Strider speeds inspections, work orders, timesheets, inventory checklists, maintenance records, surveys, customer request forms and more!


Reduce workloads!  Improve data integrity eliminate transcription errors and facilitate data sharing across the organization.  Strider Reporting is the electronic reporting solution that will eliminate the hassles  and errors associate with paperwork.  The Strider Reporting system may be operated as a stand -alone solution that enables your users to populate forms in the field and then send the data in or in combination with MapItFast to enable auto synchronization and complete mapping capabilities.

Strider Reporting is an enterprise-class system giving administrators control over users and form permissions.  Administrators manage form design and modifications that are automatically distributed to all users within the organization from one location.  Forms that are uploaded into the system are both mobile and web ready to be filled from the mobile app or from any web browser.

A data connection is not required for a mobile form to be filled.  However, once a data connection is established and it is synced to the organization’s centralized database, it may be viewed, sorted, filtered, queried, reported and exported.  Gone are the days of errors and wasted time re-entering data.

Reports for a form are easy to build using Strider’s built-in WYSIWYG report designer.  With the designer, elements such as company logos, colored tables, attractive fonts, photos, signatures, maps from MapItFast and more can be included.  Multiple report styles can be used with every form.  These reports may also be automatically emailed (complete with an automated email message) while working in the field.

If you’ve been looking for a way to empower your organization with the power of electronic record-keeping and reporting, Strider Reporting is a solution you ought to explore.  Contact us at AgTerra and request a live demo to see firsthand what this system can do for you.

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Reports may include company logos, maps, signatures, color tables and more.

Printable Reporting Included

Send Professional, Printable Reports from Anywhere

Strider Reporting simplifies data collection and, even better, includes reporting!  With Strider, your users gather data on forms you design and the data is centralized into one location.  Printable reports, complete with company logos, tables, maps, photos, etc., can be generated from your cloud account or automatically emailed (including a custom message) by your users while working in the field.  There’s no faster or better way to collect, report, and advance the professional services you want to deliver.

Customized Forms in the Palm of Your Hand

Strider forms meet your business needs because they are customized by you.  You control what data is collected and how it is collected.  You are even able to control what people are able to do with the forms (i.e view, edit, delete).  Creating and modifying forms is as easy as using Excel and then uploading it to your account where it is available to everyone.

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Impressive Capabilities

  • Works Anywhere:  Collect data in the most remote areas, and auto-sync when back online.
  • Mobile and Web:  Build one form and it is immediately deployed to work on your mobile device and from any web browser
  • No Retyping: Enter data once and have it immediately available on your secure online account.
  • Unlimited Forms: Develop unlimited forms and reports (from scratch or from templates) without purchasing additional proprietary software.
  • Advanced Mapping: Tie point, line, area and geophoto object locations with forms on a live map that can be included in reports.  Change colors and icons of objects in the map by changing answers in the form.
  • Printable Reports:  Create printable PDF reports that can be automatically emailed while working in the field.
  • Multiple Controls:  Radio-buttons; checkboxes, picklists and dropdowns; text and numeric areas, as well as photos, barcodes, signatures, drawings and GPS location.
  • Numerous Functions:  Constraints and validation, skip logic, calculations, default values, appearance, cascading selects, auto-fill and auto-populate, lookup values, and more.
  • Secure and Enterprise Ready: Provision access and permissions at user and group levels.
  • Data in One Spot: Records from everyone are synced to one location where you can query, search, filter and sort records.
  • Share:  Records and databases may be printed, shared and exported to  CSV and XML and maps using SHP and KMZ formats
  • Integrates with Existing Systems:  Integrate into your organization’s existing databases using our REST API

Ways Strider Reporting is Being Used

Strider Reporting is an affordable and flexible solution for any organization.  At AgTerra, we continue to be amazed at the many ways our customers are using mobile form reporting.  Below are some examples of applications we have deployed that might give you ideas how you might use Strider to streamline your operations and improve your service’s offerings..

strider-2Crop Consulting:  Agriculturists fill out crop survey information complete with photos after selecting a polygon of a field boundary created in MapItFast.  After entering the grower’s email address into the form, a completed report with the pertinent information, pictures, consultant’s logo and signature is emailed to the grower before the agriculturist even leaves the field.

Pesticide Application:  A pesticide applicator refers to a MapItFast map showing the location of invasive weeds.  After applying pesticide and mapping the area sprayed he fills out a basic Strider form for items such as chemicals used, amount sprayed and weather conditions.  A report for each application include this info and a map of the area sprayed to help document proper application of the pesticide.

Expense Reporting:  An organization requires every employee to log time and expense details for business travel, lodging, meals, etc.  The form tracks which expenses are reimbursable and the names of guests if applicable; a picture of the receipt is taken for each entry.  With a few other details at the end, a signature from the employee completes the form and it is synced to the company’s online account for approval by a manager.

Seed Inventory:  A company deploys seed ordering and inventory forms among its dealers nationwide.  The forms help the dealers speed up the process of collecting pertinent buyer information while updating the system on seed quantities available for each variety.  Printable PDF invoices are either printed or emailed to the grower.  The forms are updated with seed availability info, pricing, and other relevant details to aid operations.

Nutrient Management Planning: Numerous nutrient management planning forms are filled by technical service providers to aid animal feeding operations with manure disposal.  The documentation, complete with soil sampling and field application maps, is used to meet state and federal requirements.

Lab Sampling:  GPS location and basic information is collected for soil samples sent to a lab for uranium analysis.  The resulting data is combined with location to produce an interpolated map used by a company for mining purposes.

Crew Time Reporting:  Individuals fill out time and activities for a job.  Information is assembled into a single report used for invoicing purposes.

Invasive Species Control:  Contractors fill out forms documenting the location, density and other site characteristics where invasive weeds are found.  The combined information is automatically and securely upload into an organization’s backend database using the Strider API.

Rangeland Management:  Site info from rangeland transects, photo points, landscape appearance, cover by life, grazing response index, stubble height, and greenline stability forms are combined to aid land managers with short and long term monitoring and management decisions.  The information gathered is acceptable to Federal and State cooperating agencies and often required under State an NRCS incentive and grant programs.

For more info on these cases, or for more examples, please contact us.