Strider Mobile Forms and Reporting Specifications

Strider Reporting simplifies electronic reporting while abolishing the time and errors typically associated with paperwork.  With Strider, your users correctly gather the data you need in the manner you need it.  Strider centralizes your forms and data so your projects can move forward at the speed of business.


Build electronic forms with powerful functions and numerous controls.  Make changes or additions to forms and reports without interrupting workflow.  There are no limitations on the number or kinds of forms and reports you can have.


Deploy changes across the organization instantly and manage your teams from anywhere.  Strider includes enterprise level management so you can assign permissions and controls to your users and forms as required.  Extend data collection across a myriad of devices so your users use the devices they comfortable using.



Strider is designed to integrate with your company’s existing database systems.  Whether you export using commonly accepted database formats or seamlessly tie your data to existing systems using our REST API, there is no need to eliminate your legacy systems.


Numerous Form Controls

Strider provides numerous form controls to simplify and speed data collection including text and numeric entry, dropdown menus, checkboxes, radio buttons, photo collection and markup, GPS location, date and time, drawing and more.

Powerful Form Functions

Make form entry even easier for your users with functions including validation, adding multiple questions to a page, labeling sections, adding skip logic, auto advancing pages, including subforms, performing calculations, referencing lookup tables, and more.

Multiple Ways to Enter Data

Strider permits data entry in a manner that matches your workflow needs.  Use keyboard, handwriting input, voice, barcodes, and/or RFID to gather data.  Questions and responses can even be presented and gathered using foreign languages.

Easy Form and Report Design

Use Excel or or a non-proprietary online designer to create forms.  You can add one or many reports (including company logos, tables, colored fonts, signatures, etc.) to any form using the online report generator that is included for free with Strider.

Simplified Data Management

Strider data is centralized into one location where it can be securely accessed from any web browser.  You can search, sort, filter and query through thousands of records and then export to multiple data formats including CSV, XML, MDB, etc.

Enterprise Level Controls

Strider’s enterprise level controls help you keep everyone in the organization on track whether they are in the office or not.  Administrators provide project level controls and permissions and manage form distribution and audit trails.


   Text EntryShort or Long Answers
   Numeric EntryInteger, Decimal
   Date/TimeSelect or auto capture
   Dropdown MenusRolls a list of choices when selected
   Checkbox SelectionSingle or multiple; within page or as a pop-up
   Radio Button SelectionSingle or multiple; within page or as a pop-up
   Photo CaptureUses device’s built in camera
   Photo AnnotationMarkup a photo
   Signature CaptureSign with finger or stylus
   GPS Location CaptureUses device’s GPS; single point location, included in KMZ export
   Barcode CaptureUse barcode capture feature in device
   Freehand SketchNew Drawing and/or Photo Markup
   EmailProvides ability to email a report directly from the device
   Multiple Questions on One PageUsed for data entry convenience
   Skip LogicGo to different areas in a form depending on response
   Auto Page AdvanceGo to next page without swiping screen
   Repeatable Sections/ SubformsHelps avoid re-entering repeated information, 2 levels allowed
   Section LabelsKeeps user informed on location within a form
   CalculationsAutomate math operations while filling a form
   ValidationAssure required and/or reasonable responses are gathered
   Voice and Handwriting InputMay require 3rd party app on Android devices
   Multiple LanguagesQuestions and responses for most foreign languages
   Data Selection ChangesEasily change entries used in drop-downs, checkboxes, and radio buttons
   Form VersioningAssure everyone has access to latest available version
   Audit TrailsUpdates to records and forms recorded
   Secure TransmissionHTTPS using high level 2048 bit SSL encryption
   User Level ProvisioningControl editing and viewing access for forms, records and reports
   Easy Form DevelopmentUse Excel or online form builder to create/modify forms
   Easy Report DevelopmentUse word processor to create/modify reports
   Intuitive Data CaptureLittle to no training required
   SecureSecure data transmission; user level controls
   Quick Search and FilterQuickly search any record, create/store filters for detailed searches
   Easy to ShareShare via online permissions, email, PDF reports or exported data
   Integrates with Existing DatabasesExport to CSV, KMX and SHP formats provides ability to use in most 3rd party database and mapping systems
   Numerous Forms and ReportsCreate forms and reports for all departments in the business

Instructional Resources and Videos

Comprehensive and printable help guides with numerous screenshots are included with your account.  Also included is a complete channel of instructional videos.  Some examples showing Strider Reporting in action are shown below:

Filling Out a Form Video

Viewing and Managing Data Online

Building, Viewing and Sharing Reports

How Will You Use Strider?

With Strider Forms and Reports working beside you, field crews and office personnel can work together efficiently, saving you money and keeping customers happy. Imagine giving your office staff the ability to create work orders from any desktop, assigning it them a customer locations, and then filed crews being able to receive them in moments with turn-by-turn directions to the client locations. Field staff will then be able to complete the form, the clients gets a digital copy and the office has their report, instantly! All of this and MUCH MORE is at your fingertips with Strider.

Is your bookkeeper tired of transposing paper reports and re-entering information to create invoices? Transform the  way you do business by including Strider in your operations. Now field personnel can digitally fill out job reports with the information automatically uploading to your business cloud database and synchronizing with your office for instant invoicing. So goodbye to data re-entry and hello to faster bottom line results.

What is the best tool that you can give your sales force? Information! With Strider your sales team can quickly look at a map, see where they are in relation to customers, leads and prospects with quickly identifiable custom icons, and have full access status reports and bids attached to those icons. No longer will your team need to route the best way to visit clients and leads, or have to sift through complicated systems to see their status. With one tap your sales force will have all the information they need to close the deal and submit a bid instantly.

Professional drivers know the importance of keeping accurate records and will appreciate what Strider can do for them. With a single tap and an Android smart phone drivers will be able to record starting and stopping points, record maintenance expenses, fuel consumption, and much more. With could storage, records and reports are always organized, searchable and within reach.

Do you know how much you spent on oil changes, new tires, engine service, and transmission repairs for your fleet last year? If you answered “No”, or it took you more than a single click to find out, then Strider should riding shotgun next to you. With advanced reporting, not only will your employees be able to quickly enter vehicle maintenance information, but you will be able to access full reporting details on how your vehicle budget was spent and where you can save.

Is your bookkeeper tired of yelling about missing credit card receipts? Are you tired of tired of trying to keep track of them and remembering what the expenses were for? Quit stressing out and let Strider take the burden off your shoulders. Now you can quickly take a picture of your receipts, log what the expense was for and have a detailed report automatically sent to bookkeeper for quick entry. No more yelling, no more stress, and know exactly where your money is going.

Are you able to quickly itemize how many man hours went into a given project? If the answer is “no”, then you are missing out on the power of Strider. With just a few clicks of an easy to navigate electronic form, your employees will be able to fill job reports with equipment cost and hours, man hours, project summaries, and much more to any project. With all of your project information in a searchable database, you now have the ability to make informed decisions and bill appropriately.

If the EPA comes knocking on your door for information on the chemicals your company applied, will you be ready and able to give them reports immediately? The days of paper reporting are quickly coming to an end as government agencies are requiring more detailed reports on when, when and how much chemical was applied to a given area. Now applicators can get ahead of State and Federal requirements and accurately report on every aspect of an application with ease.

As a rangeland management professional are you able to quickly pull up and identify areas you are monitoring that have over grazing issues with a single click? Are you able to provide in-depth reporting to your clients automatically from the field? If not, then you need Strider. With the ability to work anywhere, you will be able to catalog changes to your management area, even with no cell service. You need software that works as hard and as smart as you do. You need Strider.