SprayLogger’s Appeal

SprayLogger’s Appeal

Capturing spray application details and making maps can be tedious work, especially for those who are not comfortable around computers or familiar with GIS software.  SprayLogger is the solution that gives pesticide applicators more time in the field and less time back at the office.

Here are some of the reasons that SprayLogger is so appealing:

    1. Just turn it on to capture spray details that export to KMZ (i.e. Google Earth), shapefile (i.e. ArcGIS), CSV (i.e. Excel) and GPX (i.e Garmin MapSource) formats.
    2. It automatically generates detailed and printable pesticide application reports and invoices.
    3. Answer 5 questions and spray. No special training or GIS software knowledge required.
    4. Nothing to install or backup.  Software updates happen automatically.
    5. Provides permanent restricted use pesticide documentation for every spray job; meets government (including NISIMS and NPDES) and contractor (including DOT, utility and oil/gas) reporting requirements.
    6. Light enough to use on backbacks; mobile enough to use on multiple spray rigs.
    7. Works online and offline in remote areas and rugged conditions.
    8. Works in conjunction with MapItFast for ultimate mapping and electronic record-keeping flexibility.

Reduces paperwork workload by at least 70%, so more work gets done in the field.

Read a case study to learn why SprayLogger provides great value to their operations.

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Your customers demand accountability and you need to know.  SprayLogger is the system that let you keep working in the field instead of at your desk creating reports and generating maps.  Your applicators do not need to change the way they spray and you do not need a GIS expert on staff.  You’ll create the professional reports and maps you need in a fraction of the time so you have more spray time and less time.

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