Form links are primarily used when two or more forms share information that a user wishes to combine on a single report. For example, one form may have a record of planting information while another form may have a record of harvest information for the same field. As long as both forms contain a unique ID for that field, a report could be built to display both planting and harvest information using the Form Link feature.

  1. Make sure both forms will have a matching unique identifier (i.e. Lot Number, Field ID, Job ID, etc.)
  2. In the Form Management page, click on “Form Links” next to one of the forms that will be linked.
  3. Click “Add Link to Form” 
  4. Choose the target form and the columns to use for linking. Click Save when done. Remember – the columns do not have to have the same name but the values must be identical in both forms in order for the link to work correctly.
  5. A simple report may be built using the “Source” form. The Report Builder page will allow you to insert data from both forms.