Mapping and Reporting Solutions for Natural Resource Professionals

Hardware and Software for Natural Resource Professionals

Finding mapping and reporting solutions for natural resource professionals can be a time consuming and expensive search. Professionals in the agriculture and natural resource industries have unique challenges gathering and managing data and reports.  Activities in the field, including consulting, inspections, surveys, fieldwork, workforce management and more often require extensive mapping and record-keeping.  However, field conditions, workforce expertise, and technology costs are often a hindrance.  At AgTerra, we understand.  We are professionals in the industry ourselves.  We work closely with all of our customers so that the hardware and software we build and design is intuitive and easy to use for everyone; especially by those with boots on the ground.


MapItFast Mobile GIS Software allows users to collect spatial data including points, lines, polygons and photos which are automatically uploaded into your corporate account for additional processing, sharing or export to your favorite GIS system.


AgTerra’s SprayLogger pesticide record-keeping product helps weed and pest organizations track applications, view and export data on maps, and generate pesticide application reports without the need to run applicators through and extensive training program.  Just turn it on and go.

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Strider Reporting

Strider simplifies filling forms and eliminates errors  when re-typing records into a database.  Powerful form controls and reporting capabilities separate this product from the rest.  Your workers will gather data effortlessly and you have access to it immediately.

Solutions for Natural Resource Professionals

AgTerra Technologies has mapping and reporting solutions for natural resource professionals. We specialize in the mobile GIS mapping software and data reporting tools you need to enable your workforce and empower your customers.  Take a moment to learn more about solutions we have deployed in:

Also, be sure to visit our blog , resources page and testimonials.  When you are ready, contact us for a free, live demo of the software and learn more how we can help you better gather, organize, and report with the maps and reports you need for your operation.

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GIS based mapping and electronic reporting is easy to deploy right away with AgTerra Technologies.  Our products are simple to use, scalable to your needs, and enterprise ready.  Share your needs with us and let us show you how we can can help you get started with mapping, centralized data storage, and electronic reporting today.  Just click on the link to get started.