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Turn Your Android into a Mobile Data Logger
for Mapping and GIS Systems


People working in the field are the best source for gathering GIS map related data, but your workers need to focus on the job, not the technology. MapItFast is the way to simplify field mapping and data gathering with a single tap on the screen. Simplify your GPS mapping and let your team collaborate on the same project in a fully synchronized environment.

  • All your maps and data are displayed in real time on your dashboard
  • Share projects with authorized users or exported to your favorite GIS mapping software
  • MapItFast eliminates training users on how to use GIS software
  • Allows multiple people to work on the same project at the same time
  • All data is automatically synced and backed-up to your organization’s private online map
  • No special GPS hardware to buy
  • Use your Android device for mobile cloud data logging for GIS systems

Use MapItFast for utility inspections, crop surveys, wildfire mapping, range management vegetation analysis, weed and pesticide application mapping, tree surveys, landscape management, environmental engineering work or anywhere you are currently using GPS data collection devices.

Did You Know You can use MapItFast for:

– Mapping Filed and Crop Boundaries
– Locating Infrastructure Mapping
– Weed, Pest and Disease Management

– Performing Site Surveys
– Emergency Services
– Asset Tracking

strider-trackitfast-mapitfast-Mobile-Cloud-Data-Logging-for-GIS-SystemsMapItFast + Strider Reporting = Custom Forms, Synced Field Reporting, Mobile Cloud Data Logging for GIS Systems and More!

Do more mapping with less effort and stay focused on the job at hand. MapItFast running on your Android device gives you all the tools you need to create and share maps in real time. No extra hardware to carry around, no extra software to purchase, virtually no training. Your total operational costs are reduced. MapItFast is the right ideal solution for any inspection, surveying, or tracking.

By combining Strider Reporting with MapItFast, AgTerra has given you more power than ever before.  Strider Reporting allows user to capture attributes for any feature using the convenience of electronic forms that include text boxes, drop down lists, radio buttons, numeric entries and more. AgTerra also offers TrackItFast, an add-on for fleet and asset management so your entire operation of equipment and personal can all be viewed from one location.

Use your Android, not expensive hardware. Start TODAY for free!

You're already ahead of the game by having an Android, one of the world's smallest and fastest handheld computers. Now you need to have the software to match. Turn your tiny droid into a data collecting machine. With MapItFast and Android, nothing can hold you back.

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What Can MapItFast Do?

Really Easy Mapping

One Tap to Map: Create points, lines, polygons and photos- even at the same time- with only a single tap on device’s screen.  No need to start an editing session.

Collect, Collaborate, Share: Work on the same project with all your team members and share contributions in real-time across all devices and via the web.

Work Offline in Remote Areas: Gather data from the field regardless of whether or not a data connection is available.

Use High Quality Basemaps: High quality aerial imagery and street and topo maps are provided for free, or you can use your own custom built basemap.

Calculate Distance and Area: Instantly calculate distance and area on the go.  A great way to measure the distance of a route or the area of a field.


Collaborate with Anyone. Anywhere. Anytime.

With a single tap, your field staff instantly capture points, lines, polygons and photos that are automatically synchronized to online maps that can be shared with others.

  • Capture points, lines, polygons and photos including GPS location.
  • Add attributes with text or voice or via a data dictionary.
  • Apply symbology to feature objects.
  • Synchronize data, share location, and collaborate with others on the same project.
  • Use built-in or custom basemaps and layers created from other GIS software.
  • Export to shapefile, KMZ and GPX formats.
  • Use data dictionaries to speed attribution.
  • Apply symbology to features.
    Create an unlimited number of projects.

Using MapItFast, the entire team can work on the same project together.  Users can opt to share their location and/or their mapped data with other authorized people in real time.

This includes users working on other mobile devices or from their desk and from anywhere in the world!Back at the office, authorized personnel can create, edit, delete and export the data they need to other map viewers and GIS software systems.Whether the job involves field mapping or emergency services, MapItFast is a great way to reduce the workload on the entire team with real-time location based services.

MapItFast is a powerful data collection tool that is simple for anyone to use.  All map data collected by your users can be exported to shapefile and other GIS formats in a single click when more extensive spatial analysis and large format printing is needed.  Standardized formats supported include SHP, KMZ and GPX.  This means that the headaches involved with creating data exports that others can use are gone.  You can even provide secure access to others to view and export the data you allow from your online account.

With optional add-on components you can do even more with your MapItFast system.  The Strider Mobile Forms option allows user to capture attributes for any feature using the convenience of electronic forms that include text boxes, drop down lists, radio buttons, numeric entries and more.  AgTerra’s also offers a add-on for fleet and asset management so your entire operation of equipment and personal can all be viewed from one location.  Contact us to learn more about these options and ask for the demo!

MapItFast is the mapping tool you’ve been looking that empowers the mobile field force and enables them to gather the spatial data you need.  It is very simple to use; requiring little to no training and you data can be exported to shapefile and other GIS formats with the tap of a button.  MapItFast leverages the power of cloud so you can collaborate on projects in real time and never worry about losing your data.

Unlock the power of your Android with the right tool, MapItFast!

Minimum Requirements:

  • Android 3.0+
  • 1GB RAM
  • Camera
  • Hardware GPS
  • 1.5ghz dual core

Recommended Requirements:

  • Android 4.0+
  • 2gb+ RAM
  • Camera
  • Hardware GPS
  • 1.6ghz+ quad core

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