MapItFast: Easy Mapping and Data Collection

Incredibly Easy Mapping and Data Collection

MapItFast is unlike any other mapping software. With a single tap anyone can map points, lines, areas and photos on Android or Apples devices.  MapItFast works offline in the most remote areas capturing geographic and tabular data and viewing maps.  At the enterprise level, teams collaborate on projects while securely sharing location, real-time data and delivering printable reports to their clientele.  MapItFast delivers incredibly easy mapping and powerful reporting from one system for the entire organization.

Designed with the field user in mind

AgTerra has been developing powerful yet easy-to-use mapping and data collection products for the natural resource sector for over 14 years. Every feature available in MapItFast has been the result of countless field hours with our customers learning what is most important to them. Built from the ground up with you in mind, MapItFast is the right choice for your mapping and data collection needs.

MapItFast works offline, anywhere

MapItFast comes with aerial, street and topo maps or you can use your own.  Maps on devices may be configured with unique icons, layers and data dictionaries. Android users (and coming very soon to Apple users) collect spatial data and complete digital forms and reports from the field, regardless of whether or not a data connection is available.

MapItFast comes with aerial, street and topo maps or you can use your own.  Maps on devices may be configured with unique icons, layers and data dictionaries. Android users (and coming very soon to Apple users) collect spatial data and then may add attributes using digital forms, regardless of whether or not a data connection is available.


Attributes are easily added to mapped objects

Android (and coming soon to Apple) users can add attributes to mapped objects using customized forms built from Excel.  Forms may include advanced logic and controls and even printable reports with maps included within.  Paperwork is eliminated and value is added to internal process, and for customers, as data is automatically centralized and printable reports are emailed while on the job!

All data is automatically synced

Spatial and tabular data is automatically synced to a central and secure account where data contributions from the team are viewed and managed in real time.  MapItFast includes online capabilities to manage data, print maps and reports, and export to other database and GIS systems.


Watch How Easy MapItFast is to Use

The video below shows how quick and easy it is for anyone to map virtually anything.  In this video we demonstrate mapping objects in a park setting and apply attributes using electronic forms.

Easy Mapping for Outdoor Professionals

One Tap to Map: Use the device’s GPS or draw to easily capture points, lines, and polygons and add photos and attributes in a single tap.  No complicated menus or need to start an editing session.

Works Offline: Work in remote areas with no restrictions.  Map and complete digital forms and reports while in the field, regardless of whether or not a data connection is available.

Automatically Synchronizes: Share contributions from all your team members in real-time as data automatically syncs across all devices in the field and at the office.

High-Quality Basemaps:  Use the built-in basemaps or add your own custom basemap.  You can even import layers from Shapefiles, Google Earth and Garmin.

Online Mapping Console Included:  Use any Internet web browser to view all projects via an online map.  Filter and find according to name or form content attributes.

Calculation and Navigation Tools Embedded:  Instantly calculate distance and area on the go for any GPS or drawn object.  Click on any point and get turn-by-turn directions from your favorite default navigation tool.


snapmapper-3Optional Datalogger for MapItFast that Automates Equipment and Personnel Operations Mapping
Mapping points and lines based on actions from equipment and personnel is automatic with SnapMapper.

SnapMapper is an inexpensive unit that works in conjunction with MapItFast. It allows field workers to map point and line data related to switch and button operation on mechanical equipment or from personnel. There is no need to view the screen on your tablet or phone. Users are able to quickly gather data related to field work while eliminating training and distractions associated with mobile device use.

SnapMapper is useful for monitoring and mapping any equipment activated with an on/off switch or a button or capturing any point, sequence of points, or line from assets or personnel on the move. Use SnapMapper for:

  • Tracking agriculture fertilizer and chemical applications and harvest equipment operations.
  • Mapping transportation features and conditions, application of road salt, and infrastructure such as road signs and guardrails, etc.
  • Reclamation work while reseeding, applying treatments, conducting plant surveys, etc.
  • Parks and recreation and golf course work showing crew work fertilizing and mowing, conducting repairs, locating sprinkler heads, etc.
  • Environmental work such as rangeland monitoring, invasive species mapping, and lab sample locations.
  • Insect and weed infestation surveys and during treatments.
  • Utility line mapping, aerial inspections, danger tree ID, access routes, etc.
  • Emergency management, such as wildfire operations, field safety mapping, real time asset location, etc.
  • Mapping individual tree locations, logging equipment operations, etc. in forestry applications.
  • Conducting field biology and wildlife surveys.
  • Capturing archeology fossil locations, cultural-historical locations and geologic features.

People working in the field are the best source for gathering GIS map related data.  Help them focus on the job, not the technology.  MapItFast simplifies and streamlines the entire mapping process accessing maps, collecting data, applying attributes, managing information, sharing and reporting.  MapItFast operates on Android and Apple devices your users probably already know how to use.

MapItFast is the affordable system that combines your free Android or Apple app with an enterprise-based cloud mapping and record-keeping system.  With a single tap or click, spatial data features (points, lines, polygons, geo-tagged photos) may be captured using the app and/or via a web browser.  Attributes, or details about the features are associated using friendly electronic forms that are empowered through AgTerra’s Strider Reporting system.  While spatial and tabular data may be collected with or without a data connection, all data (features, attributes, user location) are automatically synchronized and remain current in real-time with a live data connection.  Additionally, everything, including the photos, may be exported to shapefile, KMZ and other formats to use in any other GIS system.

Take a deeper dive and see how MapItFast is the utility that is simple enough for field people to use and yet powerful to handle your business’ most challenging data capturing and reporting requirements.  Get started today and get the edge on competitors without disrupting the way you do business.

  • No special GPS hardware to buy
  • All your mapped features and form filled data are synced in real time with your map dashboard
  • Multiple people can work on the same project at the same time and export to your favorite GIS mapping software
  • Virtually no training to get users mapping and filling forms (less than 5 minutes- guaranteed)

Easily Map and Collect Data From the Field


Syncronize Map and Data Information with Field Staff


Versatile Features For Any Job Application


Mapping and collection information is easier and faster than you think. Use it for:

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