Automated Pesticide Application Mapping by SprayLogger

Automated Pesticide Application Maps and Reports

Directly from Trucks, ATVs, Backpacks and Other Spray Rigs!

Live, Automated Pesticide Application Mapping, Tracking and Reporting

SprayLogger is a hardware and software system that automatically gathers application information from trucks, ATVs, backpacks or other spray rigs and generates live, viewable maps and reports for every spray job. SprayLogger is simply the easiest way to generate professional application maps and reports without changing the way you spray. Now you can quickly exceed federal, state, and customer mapping and reporting requirements while avoiding the hassle and errors typically associated with making maps and filling out reports.

Pesticide Record-Keeping from the Field

Why You Need SprayLogger

    • Automatically capture and view live GPS location and application details.
    • Create shapefiles and Google Earth maps for any or all spray jobs.
    • Generate pesticide application reports and invoices.
    • Show where you have been and where you have sprayed on digital maps.
    • Allow access to others for the spray jobs you choose.
  • Easy to install and super easy to use.
  • Allows you to focus on applications, not retyping data and digitizing maps.
  • Keeps all your reports, maps, jobs, invoices, records in one place.
  • Meets all government and customer reporting requirements.
  • Helps protect you from liability.
  • Gives all your jobs a professional image and your company a competitive advantage.

Introducing SprayLogger E3, the Most Advanced Automated GPS Spray Tracking and Reporting System Anywhere

The SprayLogger E3 is a perfect combination of functionality and portability. The new multi-port tracking system allows spray applicators to automatically read multiple flow sensors while also tracking the activation of various spray booms simultaneously. Whether you need to track a single flow line or the status of multiple sensors and booms, the SprayLogger E3 does it.

Now spray applicators only need to start a job from the MapItFast app on their mobile device and let the SprayLogger E3 do the rest. All application details will automatically be tracked and  a map created showing what spray booms were activated, and when and where they sprayed. With a new internal high accuracy GPS antenna, you will also get better maps that show your exact application location details. Combined with automatic cloud storage, your projects will be available for printing when you pull into the shop. No more paper reports to fill out by hand, simply download your reports and maps from your online account. The SprayLogger E3 by AgTerra gives you Less Desk Time and More Spray Time!



Capture and view GPS location, spray width and application details at the moment of application from all applicators on every job.


View all spraying activity in real-time, calculate acreage sprayed and share shapefiles for any or all spray jobs.


Create customized pesticide application reports with detailed chemical, weather and job costing information for internal use, customer invoicing and more.


Allow authorized users to see where you have been and where you have sprayed in real time.

Any Job, Anywhere!

Whether the job has your crew working along utility line corridors with backpacks, in remote rangeland areas with UTVs, with roadside units or on hy-rail, SprayLogger does it all.  View spray activity from all applicators on a map and in real-time.  Every job is permanently stored in a central database where it can be shared with others, exported to other GIS and database systems, or printed on generate highly detailed application reports.  All this can be done with little or no training and is far easier than using pen and paper alone! To see just how easy using SprayLogger is, click here to view a demonstration video.

The New SprayLogger Backpack

The ability to track where vehicles have been and how much product was applied has been around for years, but imagine being able to shrink that same tracking system from a truck or ATV into something that could fit in your back pocket. Now take it a step further and require that system to provide you with the same automated maps and reports you would expect from a full-size rig. Imagine no more! AgTerra now introduces the SprayLogger Backpack.

SprayLogger Backpack is a fully self-contained system that features a low-flow electromagnetic flow sensor. Designed and tested specifically for backpack applicators, this system is sleek, small and lightweight, enabling applicators to accurately map  where they sprayed and how much from any location. With a high accuracy internal GPS antenna included in the system, you’ll enjoy precision application reporting even while offline.

So how can this system get even better? AgTerra Technologies designs, develops, programs, and manufactures all of our products in-house at our Sheridan, WY facility. That allows us to keep our costs down and pass the savings on to our customers. Call us today and find out how you can get the same mapping and reporting features that our full sized vehicle SprayLogger system offers, for less than half the price!

Full Mobility and Spray Tracking in a 6oz Box!


A Fully Automated Pesticide Record-Keeping System


Complete Spray Tracking System


Works Offline Anywhere


Trucks, ATV’s Backpacks, and More


View Spray and No-Spray Lines Live


Meets National and State Requirements


Easy Installation with Live Customer Support

spraylogger-hardwareAutomated Mapping for Pesticide Applications

While using SprayLogger, weed type(s), temperature, the amount sprayed, chemicals used, and more are automatically captured and linked with GPS location.  All of this information is quickly and easily exported to standard GIS formats including shapefile, KMZ and GPX with the click of a button.

SprayLogger ApplicationNo GIS or Programming Knowledge Required

Creating maps and reports can also be very time-consuming.  Often, errors are made with inaccurate maps and valuable time is lost re-entering data.  SprayLogger automates the tasks of making the maps and reports your customers expect.  Simply export the records you choose using industry accepted GIS formats and include a printable report (or invoice) containing every application details for those records.

Get Started Today!


Your customers demand accountability and you need to know.  Invasive species and vegetation management today require detailed mapping and records.  SprayLogger is the system that captures spray job details while in the field instead of spending time recreating maps and reports back at the desk.  Your applicators do not need to change the way they spray and you do not need a GIS expert on staff.  You’ll create the professional reports and maps you need in a fraction of the time so you have more spray time and less time.

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